Desktop app

Do you think that building the desktop app which appears in system tray? Whereby, we receive notifications without opening browsers. It would be great.

Yes this would be great! How many chances are there for such a project? Thank you!

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This has been requested before... and apparently turned down.  Don't remember why for a desktop version, but I know there is no version for Internet Explorer because it would be a total rewrite of the programming and the IE scripting is apparently much more complex. Maybe the same programming for the desktop... you should specify whether you mean Windows or the Mac. 

 It would seem that there are not enough users requesting either the Internet Explorer version, or a desktop version, in order for the developer to do so. Unless you can get a few hundred donating users, it's probably not going to happen anytime soon... but it doesn't hurt to ask, maybe the admin will respond here... or you could email a request to the support address,

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I use 99% IMAP and 1% POP3 on my iPhone... iPhone will let me know if any new ones! NO need APP for X-Notifier on iPhone!