Feature Request

This is a great add-on, by far the best of it's type!

I use a Master Password within Firefox, so every time I want to enable or disable checking for a given account, I need to enter the Master Password to go in to Options.

I would love to see a simple Enable or Disable for any Account from within the Toolbar Icon, to switch any Account On or Off, without having to enter the secure Options area.

Again, thank you for a wonderful product.


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I already suggest to Tobwithu long, long, long time ago.

What I did? I set password on WHOLE computer,
When computer boot it up and I MUST type password,
even in sleep mode and wake up,
I must re-type password and forget it about Firefox's Master Password.

As I understand what we already discuss in OLD forum...

Tobwithu want to put "responsbile" on Firefox's Master Password protect your password,
Tobwithu do NOT want to make seperate one, that cause confuse X-Notifier users.

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I want to know more about this.

Why do you want to disable your account?