<Resolved> Can I request a change for yahoo?

<Resolved> Spybot 2.1 was causing the Yahoo mail page to show errors.

<Original post> Recently Yahoo has been showing errors when accessing with or without X-notifier.

Network Error


Yahoo! Mail was unable to connect. Please reload the page or verify that your network connection is active.


But I have researched the problem and found a solution which also seems to make yahoo mail load much much quicker. 

If you add this address http://us.m.yahoo.com/p/mail to X-notifier for checking yahoo mail It will speed up loading and will give the users yahoo mail which is what they want anyway. This is a mobile version of yahoo mail which doesnt include all the other crap that is shown on the regular yahoo mail page. 

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If it works for you?

If not please come back, post here, and explain not works.

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I am not understanding what that is/does. bookmark what page?

Others have asked how to access non-default pages... which aren't the usual Inbox.
Bookmarks have been proposed to go to pages which are not the default Inbox.
Mobile pages would fall under that definition... so when you are notified of new mail, you could just click your X-Notifier bookmark to go to the mobile page.

The scripts are going to check/go to the default Inbox page for web browsers.
I suspect if one mobile page is made optional, then everybody would request mobile pages for all scripts... then each would have to be written with that option.  It would be an optional choice because the default Inbox is... the default for web browsing and X-Notifier is not a 'mobile mail checker'.

It doesn't hurt to ask though... I believe I've seen this request before, recently.... good luck.

( I suppose one could also request a script specifically for mobile mail... rather than change the existing script which seems to work well for most users.  So... you may need more forum support/posts for the mobile address/script.  The more people that request something, the more likely a script will be made.)


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I added an hidden option.
Install beta version from here.

Type 'about:config' in the location bar of Firefox
Create new value 'extensions.xnotifier.accounts.[yahoo#YOUR_ID].link' and set it you the URL you want.



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I figured out the problem. The new version of Spybot 2.1 was interfering with some of yahoo mail website.