Can not add new Gmail account

I have 3 Gmail accounts and am trying to add a 4th. X-n Reloaded with GmailX (2019-02-25) shows new account red but my 3 older accounts as good. When I click on the new account it takes me to the Google Accounts Login screen while clicking on my other accounts takes me to each Gmail account. I have tried using the built in Gmail script and the Gmail script dated 2019-02-02 with the same results.

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Is it a new account or at least a lot newer than the other 3? Newer accounts don't get logged in by X-notifier, but should work when you login yourself. When you login manually (without using X-notifier) by adding the 4th account from the upper-right account-icon from one of the other accounts, you could get a request to verify it is you. When you assigned a verification email address you also should follow the instruction in that email. When you logged in successfully bypassing this verification page, click Check now from the XN-icon.

It's a new account (a few days old). That is how I got X-n 4.2.15 in Chrome to see the new account but I can't get X-n Reloaded 3.5.26 to see it.