Hotmail on Firefox is BROKE AGAIN it appears. PLEASE FIX

So it appears others have this issue so I've changed the title to actually state there is a problem with now knowing it's not just me. Maybe it will be seen and fixed sooner. Who knows.


Just this afternoon sometime Hotmail has stopped being checked. I have two accounts and one just shows red. I've removed it and added it back but it still remains red. I can click either email and they will open the proper email account but they don't seem to actually be notifying when mail comes in along with the one account being red.

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Actually it appears when one is clicked it turns red when the other is clicked that one turns red and the other is kind of a mute gray. So they will alternate red on which ever the last opened account was.

Same with me not working with Hotmail , Outlook email accounts .  Each one takes turns turing red while the rest is grey color. 

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Same with me polling not working with Hotmail and icon not present beside red 'Hotmail'. Same behavior for Chrome 78.0.3904.87 and
Opera 64.0.3417.92.

Same, but it works on my Macbook Air - just not my Windows 10 desktop.

Not working on Mozilla Firefloz and Chrome 

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Not working on Chrome 78.0.3904.97

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All of a sudden this morning both email accounts were bold and showed an email count and appear to be working for now anyway.

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Mine too.


Yes, I was having the same problem for several days and it seems to be working now.

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The same happened to me an it was not the first time.
It doesn't get the number of unread mails temporarily. So possibly it is a server maintenance issue.
I already investigated and at such a moment the dataURL returns a page that suggests a login time-out.
But login still works for me. You can verify by logging out manually an then click Check Now, which should log you back in. (Clicking the hotmail account gives you the inbox)

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Looking at the Network traffic I can see the Hotmail javascript doing this XHR request to the server:

The X-notifier hotmail script's dataURL adds a different parameter and lacks the app parameter:

I will test it.

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It keeps working with the new parameter app=Mini, so the old parameter might be the reason the app on the hotmail server refused to send the response now and then.

I will inform admin/tobwithu(s).

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Tobwithu stated in his email reply that in his case app=Mail and this turned out to be the case for me too testing with Chrome and Firefox. I was testing with Opera and for some reason (not always) the Hotmail server detected my Opera browser as a mobile app: therefore app=Mini (responding with a different web page for the mobile user). So the XHR request to the server now is:
Hoping this will resolve the issue (no way to be sure, because we cannot read the code of this request handler sessaiondata.ashx) The future will tell...

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In my case, Hotmail asks security related questions during login sometimes.

X-notifier cannot handle this unusual page correctly.

Once I login manually and answer this question, X-notifier works again.

We appreciate the X-notifier 42.14 is working again with the Hotmail emails

It's now X-notifier we all appreciate this very much now things all working great!!

In my case, hotmail was not working, but then started working again.  I then installed the new version of X-Notifier and it continued to work, but now today (after a brownser restart) it is not working again.  I am able to log in to hotmail email fine, with no extra security quesitons or any other type of extra pages.

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Yep back to not working again. One (my main) is red other is grayed out just like before. :-/

Not only that but clicking either hotmail account I have just opens a window that attempts to load something but never does.

X-notifier  is not working with Hotmail , Outlook. .It seems when you lower the browser 

and launch it back up again that is it the Hotmail , Outlook emails fail to work . 

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Me too. Hotmail on Firefox.


same here with Centbrowser (Chrome), notification outlook red and hotmail grey and inverse. Anyway access to inbox is ok.