Version 4.2.13 issue


Having some issue with above mentioned version which i didn't experience before.  I have tried it with firefox and chrome, and both have the same.

I'm using several hotmail accounts, and in general always went smoothly.

But now my  main hotmail account, the one which is marked doesn't notify of new mail anymore, it also shows up in red in the app window.
But when i click on it, it navigates correct to my mail page.

The other accounts still working like they should, it is only with 1 mail account and it keeps surfacing.

Changed to another marked mail account, but that didn't make any change, only this 1 mail account doesn't work correctly.
Also deleted the app, restarted both the browsers and reinstalled, but the same thing is happening again...

Try logging in and out of the Hotmail accounts giving you problems ..Wanted to let you know that Microsoft is making updates this month with Hotmail , Outlook emails, so don't know what type of updates also trying , deleting history , delete cache than refresh X-Notifier 4.2.13 . Than add your emails once again . You may need to make a nw Firefox Profile or check to see if Firefox is updated.

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I did everything already, log out and in, deleted xnotifier and installed again, adding the accounts 1 for 1. Delete history, cache. Start browser without addons disabled...etc. 

The only thing which i didn't do is change firefox profile, because the same thing is happening on chrome as well.

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  1. Do you use 2-step verification
  2. Does X-notifier log you in
    To check, logout and then click Check Now (wait a view seconds untill it finishes). 
    Then clicking the account should show the inbox page (not the login page).
  3. Which domain: / / (hotmail?)
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1. No 2-step verifcation
2. Yes, after i log out and click check now and after click on account i will go to the inbox

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That is nice (login still working), because my guess is on some hotmail webserver they made a change in the html that causes the hotmail script to fail extracting the inbox number. Any change in the html pattern will cause the match to fail: it litterally can mean they have placed the number between quotes now. I don't have much time, but will have a look...

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I have been having the same problem with one of my accounts since this morning. (I use a 3.x version though)

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When your problem has the same cause, it doesn't matter what version you use.
(Perhaps you know I am keeping the 3.x  scripts updated... at least trying to... )

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If that is the case that could clarify it.  

Because it's kind of weird that i have it with the same account on 2 different browsers  :)

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I think Hotmail is releasing this update to more or all webservers on the planet. It will reach a lot, if not all webservers eventually, but it is impossible to predict how much time this will take. But when it happens your issue will get fixed by tobwithu(s). As long as his own account will stay unaffected, he will need an affected account to debug and fix or expand the script, that is already handling 3 webserver versions (some may get obsolete over time). Consider that maintaining the X-notifier scripts is a ridiculous task, because the developer has to follow every minor change from the provider regarding login procedure or cosmetic look-and-feel html change. And the developer's priorities have changed. It never was and at this moment definitly is not his daily main business.

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I understand tthat this is momentarily probably not tobitwhu(s) core business and priority, but even so this is an issue that, in case the source of this is really microsoft/hotmail updating, needs to be mentioned and addressed sooner or later.

I was, and never will be the xnotifier user who will complain about certain errors, and am still a satisfied user of this app...for a long time already.    
I understand fully that in the current technological environment it's challenging, to say the least, to keep up with all the tech giants changing their products constantly whenever they choose to. 

That having said, i guess there is nothing more then just wait and see.


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I am not accusing you of complaining. I was merely explaining the by nature troublesome, never-ending update need of this X-notifier app to everybody interested. I confess to have spent too many words, but lots of people still tend to think there is a fault in X-notifier when it fails. I was kind of using the opportunity to explain more than necessary for you, because the 'complainers' are also reading these posts.

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When you are on the inbox page, open the source code by Ctrl+U.
When your inbox url starts with:

  1.  (new beta version)
    Search (Ctrl+F) for "clientId": (and I bet you will find it)
    Search for window.clientId

Otherwise: Search for fmHF  (I bet it is not there)

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I fully understood the educational purpose of  your comments, so be calm about that :)
As stated in my previous comment, i know that the current "tech" environment can be quite challenging  because the techgiants do whatever they please whenever they want. 

I did find the "clientId" on 2 separate locations?   Is there something i should do?

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No, it just confirms you switched the new beta version, like most of us did. When you search for the complete argument   "clientId":   , including double quotes and colom mark, you wil find just the one. It directs the developer to the section of involved javascript code in the hotmail script.

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The dataURL providing the message counts gets refused by the webserver using the browser address bar (Bad Request). To inspect it in order to correct the parsing by the script one has to output/print the result from the script to the browser console. I can do it, but have no time before leaving for a 4-week vacation. Apart from that I would need such an non-working account. So would the developer!

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I forgot to check : does your found line look like this (quotes, no spaces, the long code will be different):
Can you copy/paste your found line? (this part suffices)


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Well, my ClientId line looks different, but here it is:

("ClientId=")[1];return e&&e.split

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 Are you looking at

Only if that is the case, "search for the complete argument   "clientId":   , including double quotes and colom mark". There should only be one result.

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I guess i did not search for the correct syntax the 1st time, but here it is:


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Well, that is the correct match.
Here is the involved segment of javascript code in the process function of the hotmail script:

  case ST_LOGIN_RES+3:
    var fnd=aData.match(/"clientId":\s*?"(\S+?)"/);//new beta

Now what is left is the result of the dataURL request from the webserver. Your webserver will probably deliver a different, updated result, unexpected by the present hotmail script, which will cause failing to extract the message counts.

See my post above:

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Ok, but for now this still means waiting until this error is being experienced, reproduced and corrected by developer?

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Depending on the developer's availability, you could choose to trust him with your hotmail account. I and others have done that. My suggestion, when you decide to do so, is to change your password before you send him username/password. Then, when he tackled the problem, you can change the password back to the original. His mail address for this is

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Like that! No problem at regarding trust.  Tobithwu is not interested in my emails, only in his life saving work and proper function of xnotifier :)

I don't need to change password in front. I  use excellent password manager with password generator, so changing the password is 1 click away.

Do i need to explain the issue, or this is basicly a general issue because of ever changing conditions?

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You could point him to this forum thread and tell him Jeroen suspects that your webserver delivers a different JSON formatted response from the AJAX dataURL request (or the dataURL itself changed).
The login procedure is working for you and the match in ST_LOGIN_RES+3 gets found.

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Done and thank you for your time!

BTW...ben je Nederlander?   :)

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Ja. Jij ook dus?
Vanwege je (forum)naam zou ik denken Zuid Amerikaan of Spanjaard...

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Jazeker! :)

Echt...Zuid-Amerikaan of Spanjaard?  

Ondanks dat een forum naam niks hoeft te betekenen, had ik vanaf het begin al het idee dat je Nederlander moest zijn. Jeroen is oerhollands :)

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Haha... Ja, dat is zonneklaar ;-)   (A'dam trouwens)
Maar omdat jij dit probleem hebt met een hotmail server, leek je op een ander continent te zitten.

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Klopt helemaal, ik woon momenteel in Zuid-Amerika.   

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Aha! Waarzo, als ik vragen mag?

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Woon in Brazilië sinds 2015. 

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Wow... lijkt me geweldig!!

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I upgraded fresh version from 3.5.26, but something that I don't understand, happens when I try to add a Script, it doesn't show the button so I can add the script.

Tried the same XN addon in Safari and does appear the Script button :/

I'm running Waterfox as my main browser, I deleted all the XN I had and deleted my cookies and cache.

Is there anything else that I'm leaving loose?

Thanks  agian for your time and support

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One cannot add scripts in latestFirefox for X-notifier 4. Limitation of Mozilla.

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Fixed in 4.2.14.


Is there a simple edit in existing Hotmail script for this? As suggested above (I think) logins are no problem, it is the unread counts are simply not showing.

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I am on vacation. Is Will supply admin's Fix for 3.x next Month.

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Please which mozilla firefox i need to downoad to install  X-notifier-version 3.5.23, Because my X-notifier stop working few days ago?

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Thanks tobitwhu!

It seems the same issue now appears on gmail?   Perhaps they are updating their servers as well?

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My outlook, Msn, Live, Hotmail open in one Tab in X-N, Is there any chance or setting that i can use so i can be opening dem in different Tab?

My-Mozilla: 56.0.2 (x86 en-US)

X-N 4.2.14


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I believe you use Firefox only? Sorry no.

With Chrome there is a way: by using a renamed copy of the hotmail script.