XN disabled by Firefox

Since today XN could not be verified by Firefox and therefor Firefox has disabled XN.

When i try to download the newest (or other) version of XN I receive message "Download failed. Please check your connection."

What can be the cause of this issue ?
I've about 20 email boxes and would we glad if XN works as good as before.

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It's Mozilla's fault.

They were tightening the screw on add-on signing for "user safety" beyond common sense for few last years under assumption that any danger that comes from add-on is caused by add-on devs' malice or incompetence, and Mozilla is knight-in-the-shining-armor here. And now, knight's horse lost his shoe and can't perform, so all signed add-ons stopped working for our safety :)

TL;DR: technical issues on Moz side, as far as I know, no ETA of fixing known. Since majority of add-ons stopped working and users rely on them heavily, the work is rather frantic though. Might come back any time.

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Update to FF 66.0.4 and 'unsupported' 'legacy' extensions should be back and working. 

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I just got hit in FF 66.0.3 with that disabling fun... all but one of my extensions.
I updated to FF 66.0.4 and all my extensions are back and working, including XN 4.2.11.

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Til the problem will be solved, I' using Quantum Extended Support Release and XN works fine.


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@jeanlinoux   Using the latest Firefox 66.0.4 "solves" the problem. It restored my addons... XN works fine on 66.0,4 (for me anyway) and there's no 'verification' problem anymore.

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Firefox 66.0.5 has been released supposedly specifically addressing the "addon issue".