Has access to this site


I have just noticed that if I hover over the X-notifier icon in Chrome, it displays (as it has always done) a list of unread emails, but now has the line "Has access to this site" at the bottom of this list.

I have not seen, or rather not noticed this before. Does anyone know what it means? What has access and to which site?

I have recently upgraded Chrome, which was running on a fairly old version, so maybe it is a Chrome thing.


I see that phrase at the bottom of some other toolbar icon popups, also... not all of them, but some.
If it isn't a google glitch, perhaps it means the addon has access to data from that website/page.

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Yes, you are right. It is indeed a Chrome thing. I didn't have anything else to compare X-Notifier with, but now I do, and it also "Has access to this site".

Because the message appeared in the X-Notifier mouse-over box, I assumed it was connected.

Thank you :-)