Hotmail CHAOS

Hotmail is a whole chaos for about 2 weeks ( I have 8 mail addresses on hotmail):

- xn is "checking" every account just in 0,5 seconds - seems like it  can't ckeck the mailboxes

- no input-mailbox notifications on xn (spam-box: yes, sometimes), although there are NEW mails!

- on first few tries i can't login to any of my mail-accounts via xn, always a hotmail-message like "log on to your account" (via hotmail itself) is displayed.
If i change for the 3rd or 4th time to another account on xn THEN the mail-account -that i tried to open before- will be displayed...

- need 5-6 tries before i can open via xn a hotmail-mailbox of an account

- sending mail often fails, because xn logs me (automaticly after ca. 45 sec) out of the account. Lucky if 1/2 of the written mail is saved as  draft.
But often xn does not sent a mail message at all (although it seems like) and ALL has gone.
Writing  the mail first with editor like notepad and than copy it to xn is save way not to rewrite mails 10 times...

I use xn/webmail notifier for decade, because it's the best proggy i know for years.
I wonder if that whole buggy behaviour can be be fixed in the future? Or has the author quitted support?
Or is there some other alternative webmail programm that works with hotmail/



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You are only ONE on this PLANET!

Witty contribution, CFBancroft!
Dude, share either a solution or shut up and fuck off.
Thank You !

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Because... me, jeroen, RpD have not a problem so far...
and other X-notifier user did not report the problem as you.
You start "shout" about "alone!" Then I reply that
you are alone on this planet at this point.

Your swear F, it makes me feel good!
I know that your frustrate get out of your body system!

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I have three Microsoft-based accounts... Hotmail,, ...and in both Firefox and Chrome, only my primary (hotmail) is showing an account icon (which means it's been checked, I believe) and a new email count. 
I have to click the other account(s) then hold Shift and click the account to force a new email check...  to get all three accounts to show their account icon and mail counts.
I shall note this to the developer.


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Un petit bonjour ne fait pas de mal !