XN 4.2.11 not checking default Gmail account

I have XN 4.2.11 in Firefox 65.0.2 checking 8 Gmail accounts. A few weeks ago, Suddenly it stopped checking my default account, yet it still checks the other 7 just fine.
Then there was the update to XN 4.2.11 and I was hoping that would fix it, but it only changed it from being red all the time to it's normal colour; as if it's being checked, but it still usually doesn't show any new mail, or sometimes it'll show 1, even though there can be dozens of new messages in my inbox.

I have tried completely removing the account from XN, and re-adding it, but nothing changed.
I changed which account is set as default, and now ALL Gmail accounts are RED.
I'm at a loss at what to try next...
Any advice?

That is the only thing that is now working for me cause all my Gmail accounts and Hotmail accounts were in Red so might want try this . Good Luck !