9 Gmail accounts no longer being checked on Firefox

Browser is Firefox 63.0 (64-bit)

X-notifier 4.2.8

A week ago, 7 out of 9 gmail and 2 out of 4 Yahoo accounts stopped being checked by X-notifier in Firefox.

Today I downloaded X-notifier 4.2.8 (not sure what I had before) and now all 9 Gmail and 3 of 4 Yahoo accounts are not being checked.

I deleted one gmail account and re-added it to X-notifier to see if it was a password issue and it is not.

Any solutions please? Thanks.




Not working to check emails in Gmail within Mozilla Firefox but working in Chrome. 

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Update: 2 of my gmail accounts started being checked since making my original post, but 7 still are not.

@CyberToothTiger - Although I don't use Chrome..I did try it in Chrome..and only 1 Gmail account was being checked, with no Yahoo accounts being checked. So it's even worst for me in Chrome.

Open tab, go to gmail.com, see if any prompts pop up (which interfere with login process).

Try clearing cookies? Then restart browser before checking for mail.

My gmails, in Chrome, always fail checking on startup, but if I tell X-Notifier to Check Now or wait for the checking interval to pass, then they are checked.

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I did as you suggested..opened new tab..went to gmail.com..and the main Gmail account that is checked as primary on X-notifier opened up without me having to log in. Nothing interfered. I also cleared all cookies & cache data and restarted browser with no good results before making my original post.

I hate to ask this because I have donated to the developer and love this program..but can someone suggest an alternate checker until this issue is resolved? Thanks.

gmail provides a checker for gmail, I believe. Other people have posted a couple of things they thought of as alterntives, but I've never found anything that does what X-Notifier does, as conveniently for the multitude of kinds of accounts it can check.

Was the account you logged into manually one of the accounts -not- being checked?
Over time there have been many posts in this forum about gmail problems... you might search/review some of the recent ones for ideas. I don't remember the history anymore. Search box is in upper right of these pages.
I have three gmail accounts being checked properly in Firefox latest. As I mentioned Chrome lags on checking my gmails the very first time when browser is started but checks them on demand or after the check time interval has elapsed.

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Please send me the log file

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Please instruct me on how to get the log file and send it to you. Thanks.

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I followed the directions to download the log file..but after clicking "check now"..I never get the message saying "not checked"..so the log file is empty when I try to dowload it.

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As I mentioned before I was not able to get the log file. Any other suggestions?

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Login manually on a non working account (Add account) and then click Check Now...

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I did as you suggested but it is still not working.

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Do you keep cookies until they expire?

I find 3 of my many gmail accounts don't get logged in by the gmail script, but by logging in manually these accounts will stay logged in for some browser sessions when keeping cookies (until cookie expiration?).

Hi... I wanted to include updated explicit directions on how to create a Log file...
...just so we all follow the right procedure. So...

-------------------- Create an X-Notifier LOG file ------------------------------------

For X-Notifier 4.x: First, (left) click the X-Notifier envelope icon (a menu pops up)...
For X-Notifier 3.x: First, right-click the X-Notifier envelope icon (a menu pops up)...

In the popup menu, Shift+Click on Help. (This will enable logging.)

Then, again...
For X-Notifier 4.x: (left) click the X-Notifier envelope icon (a menu pops up)...
For X-Notifier 3.x: right-click the X-Notifier envelope icon (a menu pops up)...

This time,the popup menu will show "Log" underneath 'Help'... do NOT click it, yet.

In the popup menu, click ‘Check now’ ...and wait, (watch X-Notifier envelope icon)...
After X-Notifier has completed checking, you should see an account was 'not checked'
...(you may have to click the X-Notifier envelope icon to see the account is red)

 Then finally, again...
For X-Notifier 4.x: (left) click the X-Notifier envelope icon (a menu pops up)...
For X-Notifier 3.x: right-click the X-Notifier envelope icon (a menu pops up)...

Now... Click ‘Log’ ...this will pop up another window for you to Save the log file.

In Chrome 70.x browser, it pops up a simple window just to save the log file.

In Firefox 63.x browser, it pops up a different window to save the log file...
Under "What should Firefox do with this file?", make sure "Save File" is marked (black dot)...
...and Click "OK".  Then select someplace to save the file.

Check to make sure the Log file size is not zero (empty)...
...and then email (attach that log file) to xndevel@gmail.com with a short explanation of the problem.