RSS False Triggers and Opening Multiple Tabs

Currently been running into two issues lately with 4.2.8 on Firefox 62.0.2

1) I have two RSS feeds and both of them continually trigger false positives. These two feeds haven't updated since Sept 18 and 23rd, and here it is the 28th and I get new notifications acting like they both have new updates practically every time it does a check, whether or not I click on it to erase it. I've tried erasing and redoing those feeds, even tried switching from https/http and it doesn't matter.

2) When I click on the pop-up, it opens two tabs of the same email, or sometimes even 3 tabs, rather than one.

I have FF 62.0.2 (64bit), Win10 Pro, X-N 4.2.8 ...and it's checking Krebs on Security RSS feed properly and opens tab properly... as well as the RSS for X-Notifier.

Care to mention which RSS's are giving problems?

Both are tumblr feeds, if that makes any difference. One of which being:

If it were just that, I'd think it was a tumblr issue, but the whole double or triple tabs thing makes me think it's X-notifier since that's completely unrelated and opening up gmail and such

I have added that directors RSS and so far, no trouble with it.
I find when I click the RSS, it opens with a header to subscribe using xnotifier, a checkbox and Subscribe Now button... I just ignore all that.
All I did was open XN Options, select RSS, and paste in the URL, then Save.

If it was me, I might delete the RSS's... export my accounts, reinstall XN, import accounts, and re add RSS, as I did above.

The behavior in your setup seems like something got corrupted.


Doesn't seem to have fixed anything. None of this was an issue until there was some kind of an update, either through XN or Firefox or both, and redoing everything doesn't seem to have helped. Still coming across the same problems