No sound alerts in X-N 4.2.8 for Firefox

I cannot get sound alerts to work.  All other notification features work fine.  Using Firefox 62.0, but the problemhas existed for a long time.  Obviously, I have tried numerous file paths to both .wav and .mp3 files, to no avail.  I even tried a URL to a .wav file.

No special setting being used on FF, and no exotic add-ons.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

So...  you're using Firefox 62 on Windows (?) and X-Notifier 4.2.8...
...and you click the orange/white X-Notifier icon, then click Options...
...scroll down to "When new messages arrive", check the box for "Play a sound"...
...and click "Choose", then browse to a sound file... it, click the 'Open' button....
...and then scroll down and click the "Save"" button... yes?
And when X-Notifier pops up a notice of new email... it doesn't play?

Yes.  I have tried about 10 different sounds.

Windows 7 Pro

You might open the browser and make sure X-Notifier checks for new mail and that it pops up a notification of new mail... so that it may try to make a sound...
...then cick the volume (speaker) icon in the system tray (lower right corner of taskbar), and click the "Mixer" link... look to see that X-Notifier may be one of the sources listed and...
...make sure that there is no X over the speaker icon or whatever, just below the X-notifier column in Mixer.   If there's an X or something... then, X-Notifier's sound output is muted... and you need to unmute it.

Have you played with any other sound settings... which might cause something to be muted?

An add-on for Firefox would never be listed in the Win 7 Sounds mixer.  Firefox, of course, is listed and set to an appropriate volume in my case.  I have zero issues with sound from Firefox in any other application.

However I may have misstated the case, it's still a valid troubleshooting suggestion.
I have three Mozilla Firefox's listed and one simply Firefox... when I horizontally scrolled the mixer list.
Good luck finding the source of blocking sound from the add-on.

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Do you in fact have other applications (addons) in your Firefox that produce alert sounds?

I not, you should check about:config for preference accessibility.typeaheadfind.enablesound to be true.

Thanks, but preference accessibility.typeaheadfind.enablesound is indeed set to true.  Same issue on another machine using Win 7 Pro.   Alert sounds worked fine right up until forced to use X-N for FF Quantum. No settings or add-ons were changed.

It should be noted that when I choose a sound URL within the X-N UI, and pick a valid file, only the file name (no path or extension) shows up.  I have also tried typing in the full path (C:\Temp\Sound01.wav), but that does not work either.

It does appear that other alert sounds are being blocked (videos with audio play fine, though).  I tested using Notification Sound add-on, and it was also blocked.  Any ideas as to why?  Here are my add-ons:

Copy PlainText    1.8    true
Don't Fuck With Paste    2.3.1    true
Ebates: The Free Cash Back Shopping Assistant    true    {35d6291e-1d4b-f9b4-c52f-77e6410d1326}
Fakespot - Analyze Fake Amazon Reviews    0.3.1    true
FormSave    0.9.14    true    {88de8cc8-d1ce-484a-bd9f-dd0b100cf262}
LastPass: Free Password Manager    true
New Tab Override    14.1.0    true
Notification Sound    1.3.3    true    @notification-sound
Notifier for Gmail™    0.9.3    true    jid0-GjwrPchS3Ugt7xydvqVK4DQk8Ls@jetpack
RotoTracker Sync    3.0.11    true
Table to Excel    3.3    true    {3602c84f-cc0a-4bb2-a357-f533cc6b24fb}
Textarea Cache    3.20.0    true
The Camelizer    2.10    true
The Old Reader Notifier    1.5.2    true    theoldreader@knyar
uBlock Origin    1.17.0    true
X-notifier (for Gmail™,Hotmail,Yahoo,AOL...)    4.2.8    true    {37fa1426-b82d-11db-8314-0800200c9a66}


Disable the "Notification Sound" addon and see if the other problem addons can then provide sound.

From reading the Notification Sound addon "About this addon", it appears to suggest other addons make themselves compatible with this addon... 
...perhaps an oversight on that addon's author's part is blocking other addons that have not bent the knee to his. ;)

Perhaps there is a way in that addon to make exceptions to allow other addons to continue making noise.

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Well, that is what I was suspecting...

First try resetting accessibility.typeaheadfind.enablesound.
Set it to false and restart Firefox.
Set it to true and restart Firefox.

When this does not solve the issue, you could start a new clean Firefox profile and install X-notifier only.
When that proves to work, you know there is a conflict with one of your many other addons.