Imported My Accounts But Not Syncing

I've changed my laptops recently and exported all my accounts for Xnotifier. After importing them, the new add on Firefox version 47 doesn't sync the accounts. What's wrong?

What do you mean "new add on"?   Did you install X-Notifier 3.5.23 on Firefox 47?
Sometimees an installation doesn't go well... I would suggest re-installing X-Notifier.

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I'd installed the latest version of 4.2.5 but it doesn't automatically sync. Reinstalled the older 3.5.23 version but my emails are still not syncing. The passwords are all correct.

XN 4.x was created primarily for Firefox 57.x and newer  ...since Mozilla change the Application Programming Interface for add-ons and began enforcing compliance with version 57. 
XN 3.x is the version for older FF 56.x and earlier.
If one had XN 3.x installed on FF 56 or earlier... the recommended way to try XN 4.x was to export XN accounts, uninstall XN 3.x (removing account data), then install XN 4.x and import XN accounts.

However, I wouldn't (and don't) run XN 4.x on FF 56 or earlier... the later the version of XN, or the earlier the version of FF, the more problematic it will be to run the later versions of XN on earlier versions of FF. 
I keep two versions of FF on my computer...
...the latest FF with the latest XN, and...
...FF 56.0.2 (Portable) with XN 3.5.23 with updated scripts. (See below)

For your FF 47, I would uninstall all XN and account data, then clear cache and cookies... and... restart the browser ...then install XN 3.5.23 and define accounts from scratch. 
- Updated Scripts:  For some email providers... there are newer scripts available than those embedded in the old XN 3.x program (such as scripts for Gmail or Yahoo or AOL... and others).  These newer scripts have been updated or have been extracted from newer versions of XN 4.x and made available through links in the forums, to use with XN 3.x versions.  You can search the forums for the name of your email/provider to find the newer scripts that have been made available by Jeroen and others.
That's about all the advice I can offer.