How to stop X-notifier automatically adding multiple GMail accounts together?

In the latest version if you add more than 1 account to X-notifier, they all get combined in a messy way. see screenshot below:

What can I do to keep multiple accounts separate?

Your image just shows a gmail account screen, with two accounts listed... that is not an X-Notifier list, that is the Google gmail account list.
I have 3 accounts and see the same thing (with two minor changes... FF search box, bookmarks bar).
What version of Firefox and X-Notifier are you running... and what is "combined in a messy way"??
- Perhaps that is the 'new' Gmail interface you are seeing difference on.
I have Firefox 61.0.1 and X-Notifier 4.2.3... working fine with three gmail accounts.
I don't see anything wrong in your image captured.

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In X-notifier 3.x, you could login google accounts one by one.

But you cannot do it anymore in X-notifier 4.x because of API changes in Firefox.

I'm confused. ;)  Perhaps I don't understand the question ...or the answer!

I am using Chrome 67.0.3396.99 (64 bit) with X-Notifier 4.2.3 ... and using Firefox 61.0.1 with X-Notifier 4.2.3 ... and I can open all three of my gmail accounts at the same time in three different tabs... and switch between them and the emails don't get confused. (I am not using Google Docs, or other account apps, though.)  
If I use Gmail's sign-out and then sign-in screen... I can use my accounts in one tab.
If I use Gmail's sign-out/sign-in screen... and don't sign-out, but just keep signing-in to my other acccounts... it forces a new tab each time to log me in to the other account. Works well...
...the only problem is if you re-"sign-in" to an already opened account... instead of using a previously opened tab for that account... it may open a second new tab for the account instead of using the already open tab for that account, if it was opened already ;).
But I use the X-Notifier account list to open gmail accounts... then switch between the tabs.  If  you forget and open an account with the X-Notifier account list... it will re-open the account in the currently opened tab for that account... so it could lose any work in progress if you foolishly re-open an account (via X-Notifier) that is -already- open in a tab.
Anyway... I have no trouble keeping my tabs straight, and using multiple gmails/tabs with X-Notifier 4.2.3 ;) .   
>> But Gmail is my only email provider supporting multiple accounts opened by the same browser (or email client program).  My several hotmails would just open over each other using one tab... as would other providers because they don't support multiple tabs from one client to different emails.   Isn't that correct?
Still multi gmails can get confusing, I guess. ;)
If this post is too confusing, I can delete it ;)
I just don't understand what is 'messy'... unless it's Google apps associated with the accounts.


RpD, in v3 you had compltely seperate accounts, in a way that you would appear different users to Google.

in v4 you must automatically combine all Google accounts under one "master account". That is messy because who knows what data from these combined accounts are collected by Google or leaked to each other.

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Multiple login for Google account,

In X-notifier 3.x, X-notifier handles multiple login. You will see logged in only one account in Gmail.

In X-notifier 4.x, Google's multiple login functions is used. You will see logged in with multiple accounts like the question.

Thank you for the clarification tobwithu. Sadly this new limitation by Mozilla reduces the productivity boost that this great addon used to have.

oh well... I will have to stick with x-notifier 3.5.23 untill it stops working.