I can't receive AOL mail alerts.

I've got X Notifier on Chrome, which runs on Windows 7. On X Notifier I have my Yahoo and AOL accounts. Yahoo runs perfectly. However, AOL appears in red with no logo when I click on the X Notifier icon, while Yahoo has a logo and appears in blue. I was surprised to find that when I clicked on the red AOL, it took me to my AOL mail account, to which I was already logged in. I also had new mail which never registered with the icon badge as Yahoo mail does. 

I know things are not right but I don't know what to change. I'm logged in properly, apparently, but it refuses to recognize new mail. What could be wrong? 

Are you running X-Notifier version 4.2.3 ??
There was an AOL fix released with version 4.2.3 of X-Notifier.