AOL not responding

I am using Windows 10 and  Firefox 59.0.2.  Suddenly, I cannot access my AOL account from X-notifier.  I tried it on Chrome (Version 65.0.3325.181) with the same result:  the X-notifier staus window shows my 3 AOL accounts but without the AOL logo, no bold type and the default account in red.

I went through the whole creating a new Firefox profile with just X-notifier as an add-on and had the same result.  Webmail Notifier support ( told me to send a log but the log was blank.

I know that AOL (actually Compuserve) is very outdated but I have the addresses on my business cards and all my utility, financial and personal accounts so changing to gmail is a very big deal.  Can anyone out there help?

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Plus de connexion avec AOL depuis 3 jrs

Not very helpful, but my AOL is working fine on X-Notifier 4.18 for Chrome  65.

I am having the same issue.  AOL is not working on x-notifier.

Using Chrome 65 and x-notifier 4.18.



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Hi all, tried everything but nothing worked, ended up openning a Hotmail account and on there you can add a account to it,so i added my Aol email address to my Hotmail and then all Aol email come through on Hotmail through X Notifier

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I can confirm it's not working in the last week.

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NOW three are not working. (before one)

FYI I use FF ESR 52.5.0 with X-notifier Reloaded.
Somebody need update AOL scripts (maybe jeroen?)


(Note... whoever updates the script will need access to a broken account.)

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Same issue. Fix would be appreciated, but not urgent. That's just my backup email account :)

I suspect it's an issue on AOL's side rather than the app's, mine was working up until this morning.

I've been using an older version of the app because I prefer the one-click approach as opposed to open-menu-click method the newer versions use. I hope AOL can work out this issue rather than a new version being necessary, but that's the best case scenario and somehow feels unlikely...

If it's a slow rollout of a change in login... Tobwithu will update X-N eventually.

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Exactly, and then it will be easy to fix it for vs 3.
(I might take a look at it, CFB)

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Lets be clear:
I soon recognized it was not an easy quick fix: a lot to investigate and test out.
It gave me a headache, but tobwithu managed to tackle it eventually (it took him a whole day).

Providers get smarter and smarter to prevent hackers from emulating the login process. That makes sense, but makes X-notifier's job harder and harder!

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...for your effort to make AOL Scripts work again.
Again, I want to thanks both of you (Tobwithu and jeroen).

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Not my effort.

So this means I'll be forced to update to the newest version and lose the one-click check ability

...see the post above yours... by Jeroen.

I have 4 AOL email accounts in X-notifier and only one gets checked.  This is a recent development.  Windows 7 on Chrome browser.

Same here, just stopped working today...

Now BOTH of my emails are broken, hopefully AOL is working on the issue.

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Total 7 AOL.
Left one still working...
I did give user and password to jeroen.
I hope he solves AOL scripts and update it.

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Eventually, My AOL accounts are not working either.

I will check it.

My default AOL account is just red all the time, and none of my other three are getting checked either.

Can someone in charge at least say they are working on it or else an alternative may be necessary.  Thank you.

The post above yours, by Tobwithu (the developer), indicates that he will work on it when his AOL account becomes affected. He needs a 'broken' account to work with to fix it.

access to their AOL account?  I would be happy to give him access to a broken account if that would enable him to fix the problem.  Thank you.

Looks like he's fixed it already (I reported it with a little account export bug).  My account just broke yesterday or day before, I think, and his must have also recently.
I just got an automatic X-Notifier update on Chrome... fixes both issues.

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Fixed in 4.2.1.

Many thanks.

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My extension stopped working after the automatic update.  I can sign in to a single acount but it will not switch between multiple aol accounts. 

I have a similar problem.  When I click on any of my 3 accounts from the pull-down menu, I get the default account even though the name of an alternate account is displayed.  I certainly appreciate the work that was put in to get the app to work at all with AOL and hope a minor tweek can be applied to make it perfect.


It's working with my multiple AOL accounts.


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Mine is still acting up. When I go to change accounts it will not switch and the gives the error "You are no longer logged in. Please log in again" and then the same account shows up. I forgot to add this in Chrome and also removed and reinstalled the extension with same result. 

Similar problem to Kyle's.  It works fine with just one account activated but add others and it reverts to the first alphabetical account which is not the default account.

More tweeking needed?

Were you using version 3.x of X-Notifier before your AOL recently quit working for you?

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I am unsure as I have only used it about a few months now

I was just thinking on troubleshooting.
On Firefox, you would notice the changes between version 3.x and 4.x of X-Notifier... one of which would be that, with 4.x, you could only open one email address from the same provider, at a time... (except for gmail, which supports multiple open accounts at the same time).  With 3.x, you could open more than one account from same provider... in different tabs.   
I only have one AOL account, but I have three Microsoft-based accounts (they use the same Hotmail script) and with X-Notifier 4.2.1, I have no problem clicking each account and seeing it open in the same tab... switching accounts in the tab.  This is true of both Firefox and Chrome for those accounts... they switch, opening in the same tab.
Perhaps you could try clearing both the browser cache and cookies.

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I just remembered CFB gave me the credentials of his AOL account, which comes in handy now:

  1. X-notifier version 3: working flawlessly
  2. X-notifier version 4: working with some flaws (like with, but not simular to, Yahoo)
    Some users expect/demand more from X-notifier than they get from their provider...
    Well, they are getting more!! Not perfection, but still...
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"Some users expect/demand more from X-notifier than they get from their provider...
Well, they are getting more!! Not perfection, but still..."

I dont know where this was directed too, but I would expect more from an addon extension than the provider. Only i get nothing currently from this extension


Sorry X-Notifier is not working at the moment for you. (I'm just another X-N user.)
Just a thought:  an email provider provides much more service... X-Notifier only checks for unread ("new") email.   That's my interpretation.  Otherwise...
Add-ons have to operate within the browser maker's Application Programming environment and it can be buggy... so glitches happen.  I have found that sometimes deleting the account definition in X-Notifier, then cleaning cache/cookies, then CLOSING the Browser... ... ...and then re-opening the browser and redfiing the account in X-Notifier... can help ...sometimes.
AOL is working fine for me, so it's hard to say why it's not for you, but some people's XN installation or account definition can get corrupted.  Or , the email provider can muck up a person's login, such as by prompting the user for some trivia or authorization or whatever, during the login process... so occasionally we have to open a new tab and manually go to your email provider's login page and manually login there (rather than using X-Notifier's one-click login)... to see if there's any prompts that need to be answered... which interferes with X-N's login process.  Just little things like that can stop some users and not others.
Good luck.

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Thats understandable. Today i removed XN cleared cache and cookies, restarted chrome, reinstalled XN. Same issue! Logs in to account, aol error "you are no longer logged in", XN shows account in red. Try other account opens first account. I also tried my firefox and it has the same issues. i have had one of my aol account for 30 years, so i understand aol has issues frequently. I was just hoping there was a eaiser option for PC. BlueMail on android works flawlessly most of the time until aol implements "improvements". 

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For whatever reason all 3 of my aol accounts login , notifiy , and no errors using Chrome, no changes other than uninstalled for a few weeks. 

I had a similar situation with LinkedIn account, just started working... it had stopped working from security changes.  Seems some providers implement new security and then fix it when it results in blocking valid usage... perhaps.

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I must have be 4.x as I only ever opened one ata time, but it would switch between the accounts. I will try the cache again


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im intrested in acquiring this extension. Please contact me, thanks

I keep checking both my older 3.5.23 version with the added script and the current 4.2.1 version, neither works with either of my AOL email accounts.

Wonder what's going on.

So are we just giving up on this now? AOL just plain doesn't work with X-Notifier anymore?

...are not having trouble with AOL at the moment.

AOL is working for my one account in Chrome, Firefox 60/X-N 4.2.1, and Firefox 56.0.2/X-N 3.5.23
...however Jeroen may need to update the extracted AOL script for the account icon fix... for

You might try the troubleshooting steps...
Sometimes it takes persistence... I have had times where I keep clearing cache, cookies, deleting account, restarting browser, redefining account, etc., etc., to get it working.  Sometimes an account just starts working by itself later, for whatever reason. 
For example, my LinkedIn account has started working again... perhaps they realized they were a little too tight with their new security and fixed it for third-party mail clients.  I don't know.

I'm really at a loss. I've tried both X-notifier versions 3.5.23 (my preferred version) and the most current version, neither alerts me to new mail. I can still use the extention to access my emails, but I'm not alerted when I receive a new emails, which is the primary reason I use it since I need to be alerted when I have a message in my line of work.

X-Notifier is constantly scanning, the icon frequently displays its "checking" animation, but it is unable to detect and alert me of new emails in either of my AOL accounts.

I would create a new user profile in Firefox and only load X-Notifier and only define the accounts you need, from scratch, no Import.  If they don't work, then disable any security software and try checking again.... disable any other relevant software if necessary. 
I would try the Chrome browser, new user profile, and add X-Notifier only and the necessary accounts to see if they work there. 
It's a tedious process of elimination starting from the most basic setup to see what it is that is blocking the checking for new emails.   That's all I can suggest.