XN 4.1.8 Chrome doing strange things

I'm having a lot of trouble with XN right now, and I'm wondering if it's XN or Google

1) When I try to do a manual check, it signs me out of all my emails and then I'm forced to sign into all of them individually all over again. 

2) When I try to check an individual gmail account from the drop-down menu, it takes me to another email, usually my default. 

3) Gmail doesn't seem to be accepting the XN logins, as I always get the login page asking for my password.

Is it just me?

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Google supports access to multiple accounts at the same time... however, when using X-Notifier, you have to open those accounts from the X-Notifier drop-down menu or else the session tabs get confused.
Always open your gmail tabs from the X-Notifier drop-down list... that keeps mine straight.  
As far as I can tell, my gmails are working normally with 4.1.8 on 64 bit Chrome 64.0.3282.140