X-Notifier 4 - 2 Suggestions

Hello. I'm not sure who the admin is here but I'd like to suggest 2 things for next version of X-Notifier. First of all, sorry for my English since it's not my main language.

Number one and most important is that X-Notifier should have an option for not checking mail every single time the browser is opened. I use Firefox 57.0.4 and every single time I open the browser, X-Notifier tries to check my mails despite the fact that I've set the timer of all my accounts for "Check every 720 minutes" (12 hours). It's a little annoying not being able to stop the startup check and it consumes bandwidth a bit with every check. I have a slow pc so those of you who have overpowered pcs and internet shouldn't notice the difference I do. It would be awesome if a way to disable the startup check is implemented for next version or at least if X-Notifier obeyed the check intervail set by the user.

Second, not really important but easthetically it would be a blast, the option to change / personalize the icon of X-Notifier and the Progress Animation Icon. I'm a big fan of aesthetics and I'm already thinking in really cool ways I could make X-Notifier look more beautiful and fit with the rest of the browser, and I know many artists who would be glad to create different styles of icons and upload them on deviantART for example. That would be great!

Third, just to say a big Thank You! beacuse X-Notifier has really made my life simpler by checking all my accounts in just one step without having to manually log in and log out of every one of my Hotmail accounts. It was so time consuming back in the day!

I haven't checked X-Notifier Neo yet but I'd like to state that the current version of the normal X-Notifier 4.1.8 is working awesomely in the new Mozilla Firefox 57.0.4 which is my main browser. The only issue for the moment is the startup check.

Thank you again a a lot of greetings to whoever is behind this awesome plug-in!!!

The old X-Notifier 3.x previously had a checkbox for 'Check on startup'... but it doesn't seem to be there in Options for 4.x.  Perhaps Mozilla's change in the Firefox API prevented the developer (tobwithu) from keeping the checkbox for 4.x, but you can ask :)...

Some of the icons for X-Notifier are located in the X-Notifier extension .xpi file. 
You can rename the .xpi to .zip and access it, but don't forget to rename the extension back to .xpi when you're done. See...


However, it will be overwritten with every update, I expect.

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Hi RpD!

Thanks a lot for the tip regarding the icons! It's awesome that X-Notifier can already be personalized so easily! I'll give your idea a try and let you know. Do you know which of the files changes the animation occurring when the mail is being checked? I mean, the little red box with the white dots at the corner of X-Notifier. That's the one I'd like to modify the most.

About tobwithu, I'd be glad to kindly ask. Do you know if he checks out this forum frequently or should I contact him privately?

Anyway, thanks for everything! You've been of a lot of help. Cheers mate!

I'm going to assume the new message checking animation/count 'badge' is handled in one of the javascripts (in the js folder). I don't know.

Tobwithu checks the forum... sometimes ...he is in the medical field and I expect very busy.
Otherwise, the contact email is xndevel@gmail.com ...but again, he is... very busy.