Problem with Yahoo

Hello, I'm using FF 56.0.2 and XN 4.1.8. I have some questions.

1: They now don't open each account in separate tabs anymore? The ID just changes in the same tab

2. I have added 3 Yahoo accounts to it. The 3rd one works properly but the 2nd one not. If I click the 2nd account, it will reload and show my 1st account instead. How to fix this?

Appreciate any answer. Thanks!

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Only Gmail supports multiple account access...  in X-Notifier 4.x on Firefox.
For others, you'll have to sign out of one account to open another with that same provider, one at a time, signing out when you want to change accounts with same provider.

That's a shame! Thanks then. Maybe I'd roll back to previous version instead but Gmail was broken T__T

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Download several browsers
Firefox 57 (for #1 Yahoo account)
Safari (for #2 Yahoo account)
Chrome (for #3 Yahoo account)
Opera? I have not test yet!
Firefox ESR with XN Rebound (for #4, 5, 6, 7, etc Yahoo accounts)

You decide!

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Or just switch to Chrome or Opera... on which XN can handle multiple accounts -and- user-loadable custom scripts.

I think there's still a problem with Yahoo though. It keeps loading as in checking, decided to roll back to v3 in the end.

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There are updated scripts for use in XN versions 3.x ...just add them like any other custom script and they'll replace the outdated scripts in XN 3.x.

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