Adding Scripts

I´m using V.4.1.7.

Trying to add a new script - Zoho mail.

Where is the button to upload the .js files?


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Version 4.x of X-Notifier for Firefox does not allow users to load custom scripts, among other changes.
Recent programming changes in the Firefox 57 and later versions prevent providing that feature. 
The X-Notifier developer can only embed scripts into the add-on for users to be able to use them.
Firefox 56 and earlier can use version 3.5.xx with custom scripts... but you'll have to turn off updates for both Firefox and for many add-ons... plus be dependent on script updates for the old version 3.5.xx, which have been supplied by other users here in forums lately. The developer has 'deprecated' XN 3.x, meaning plans to discontinue it.  FF ESR (Extended Service Release) 52.5 can also use X-N 3.5.xx.
>> Chrome, Opera, and I think Safari, can still use custom scripts with X-Notifier 4.x for those browsers, which does not support POP3 or IMAP scripts.