Adding Scripts

I´m using V.4.1.7.

Trying to add a new script - Zoho mail.

Where is the button to upload the .js files?


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Version 4.x of X-Notifier for Firefox does not allow users to load custom scripts, among other changes.
Recent programming changes in the Firefox 57 and later versions prevent providing that feature. 
The X-Notifier developer can only embed scripts into the add-on for users to be able to use them.
Firefox 56 and earlier can use version 3.5.xx with custom scripts... but you'll have to turn off updates for both Firefox and for many add-ons... plus be dependent on script updates for the old version 3.5.xx, which have been supplied by other users here in forums lately. The developer has 'deprecated' XN 3.x, meaning plans to discontinue it.  FF ESR (Extended Service Release) 52.5 can also use X-N 3.5.xx.
>> Chrome, Opera, and I think Safari, can still use custom scripts with X-Notifier 4.x for those browsers, which does not support POP3 or IMAP scripts.

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Why there is still Scripts option in the XN settings. Confusing. Missing the Twitter script :-(

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As I mentioned, you can still use custom scripts with Chrome, and probably Opera and Safari.
>> You can get Twitter script from Scripts section of this forum (Scripts link at top of this webpage).
If you're using Firefox, with X-Notifier 4.x can't load a custom script, and there is no 'Scripts' button in the Options of X-Notifier 4.x for Firefox... there is only the drop-down list of scripts embedded in the program.

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I have tried to follow the instructions found here: to add to the notifier. I find the instructions unhelpful.  I'm instructed to "Click the Scripts button and add the script..."

1. There is no Scripts "button" available.

2. The only control in Options that might "add the script" would be "Import".  That requires a password.  What password?

3. The only reference to the word "Script" appears in the dropdown menu.

I've tried every combination of possibilities to get the to install.  I'm stumped.

Please, would you talk me through this with instructions that clearly address the controls as they appear in my Options page?  I am using Firefox 58.02 on Windows 8.1.  Thank you.

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Thank you for responding.  Yes, I see the odd references to this now as I research it a bit more.  I'd like to suggest a more attention-getting "sticky" or such to make this very critical change more obvious to the many x-notifier users.  Also, it would have been most helpful if the links to the (now-useless) x-notifier scripts had been removed.

Again, I thank you for your assistance in the forums.

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There is a place to read about version news... the Home and History links at top of forum.
If this forum platform (Drupal) allows for a 'sticky', then yes, it would be useful to have one to prevent explaining this limitation over and over again. As just another XN user, I don't know.

The scripts are not useless... the Chrome version of X-Notifier can still use custom scripts.  The difference in programming tools for the various browsers either allows or prevents providing certain features. The developer can only work within the application programming environment that he is given... and it changes over time.


Can you add script for 4.x version?

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You can make a request of the developer to embed the Yandex script in the Firefox version of X-Notifier, if that's the browser you use.  Email your request to ...but it's unlikely.
  Mozilla changed the Firefox browser addons programming environment, and  so the Firefox version of X-Notifier canNot allow users to add custom scripts.  Because Firefox changed, the developer would have to embed each script in the Firefox X-Notifier addon software... because there are so many scripts and they keep changing the login procedures, the developer has limited the Firefox version to just the main email providers like Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL.  If he could have made the Firefox version of X-Notifier continue to allow adding custom scripts, he would have... but has chosen not to have to update/release the whole addon every time some email provider changes their login. At least we have the main four providers... Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL.
   Otherwise, you can still add custom scripts to the version of X-Notifier for the Chrome browser (and Opera/Safari, I believe).