Option to toggle show/hide password

Hi, tobwithu.  As helpful as x-notifier has been for me for a number of years now, there are times when it would be really helpful if I could see the passwords I've entered in the Options tab.  Considering the complexity involved in accessing a blocked webmail account because of forgotten or  incorrect passwords,  this feature (quite common in password utility apps) would be a great help!


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Over six years ago WMN did save password!
When arriving before version 2.0, it no longer keeps password!
All password saved in Firefox's master password. Because Mozilla told Tobwithu to change it,
and no longer collect a password in Webmail Notifier or X-notifier!

Firefox=>> Preferences...=>> Security=>> Saved Login... (Your password should be there!)

I notice Firefox 57 or later that cause transfer all password to
Macintosh HD=>> Applications=>> Utilties=>> Keychain Access...
(if you have iCloud account 'checked' Keychain, and you have iPhone with iOS you will see password there.
iPhone=>> Settings=>> Accounts & Passwords=>> App & Website Passwords... [type your pin number])

I hope it helps.


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Firefox 57... Options, Privacy & Security, Saved Logins, Show Passwords...

Chrome... Settings, Advanced, Manage Passwords, (Click the 'eye' icon)...