Cookie Exceptions - what am I missing?

So I am running x-notifier 4.1.7 on Firefox 57 (64bit).

I have found that if the "Accept third party cookies" is set to anything except "Always" then x-notifier does not poll hotmail (shows as red in the list).

I have tried adding,, and as exceptions, but this has made no difference.

Is there anything else I should try adding, or is this a problem with Firefox's exception rules?

Great add-on BTW, many thanks!

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Tools, Options, Privacy & Security, History, Firefox will: Use custom settings...
Show Cookies
xnotifier       ...(no dash)

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Since FF pushed 57.0 i have experienced some issues, in general with all the updates from x-n sofar. For me it worked, but not 100%.  I use several mail accounts, hotmail and gmail, and some of them appeared black and some red, but with some clicking on the black ones, the hotmail started working, and after the hotmails started working, i could do the same with gmail.

What was interesting that this in general happened with every update of x-n.

Since i like my privacy and security, i use several add-ons in FF, which i suspected that could cause this behavior, mainly u-block adblocker, and u-matrix. U-matrix you can see as a browser firewall, it blocks cookies, scripts, frames, xms, css and some more(which all can be whitelisted per site as preferred).

So i started with a clean FF profile and default settings, and started adding my add-ons and x-n was working like it always has been, it appeared that the add-ons were not causing the issue.

It seems that the magic is in the FF privacy&security >>history settings, at least in my case it is.

Since i don't like the default privacy settings, i now use in history settings the custom settings and enabled " always use private navigation modus"  "allow cookies from websites"  and third party cookies " always". 

And it's working like a charm again!  :)  Hope this helps.



Thanks for the replies - I think the problem is that FF does not allow exceptions to 3rd party cookies if it's set to "never" accept them - I assumed that the exceptions applied even to that setting. Have had to set to "Previously visited" and now X-notifier is working.