XN has suddenly stopped working in Chrome

It was working all day, now it won't check Gmail. Hotmail seems to be o.k. I uninstalled & reinstalled to make sure I have the latest version, but no joy. The FF version is working fine.

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Sometimes, there are just glitches.  Is it working now?

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I had to go in and change a lot of my Gmail passwords to get it to work. It seems to do that a lot more than I would like. Took me almost an hour to do it (yes, I have way too many Gmail accounts). 

I think it may have been Google, not XN, because these were all accounts I didn't sign into to very often. The main accounts worked fine on FF, but I didn't check the minor accounts there, so I just figure it was Google forcing me to change my password on seldom-used accounts. They've done that before. From now on, I'm going to make sure to sign into every account at least twice a week.

I posted a question about it on the Gmail forum, but of course, no one ever answers stufff like that over there.