X-Notifier reaches "myaccount.google.com" instead of Gmail

I just installed another browser - Pale Moon (FireFox-fork) and installed X-Notifier, which works on FireFox fine.
Something which may help: I googled the problem - and found someone who had the same thing happening. Here's his solution, which I tried to follow; but it didn't work. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/xnotifier/reviews/768498/

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Hmm.  Perhaps you could go to that My Account page and look at "Apps with account access".
Perhaps Pale Moon needs the 'Allow less secure apps' setting?  (Just guessing.)

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I allowed. Didn't help.

Also - is there a way to get notification for replies here?

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If you go back to X-Notifier, Options... on the right side, you should see XN-forums as one of the accounts.   Select that and then fill in your forum username and password, and Save... and when you see a badge on the orange "X" icon, you click it for the drop-down menu, and see the forum new post count, including replies.  You can click the account to come to forum and see if your specific topic has replies.

Also note that there is a script called XN-scripts that checks for updates to the scriptes you have installed. Use the same user/pwd as for XN-forums.

(Did you revert that 'less secure' apps setting back?)

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I installed the latest Pale Moon 64bit version... and the first thing, I 'installed from file' a saved copy of X-Notifier 3.5.23 installation file, then I imported my saved Firefox 56/X-Notifier 3.5.23 Exported accounts.

They're all working now, but note that I am using a few of  Jeroen's 'extracted' scripts from newer versions of X-Notifier... such as for:

[Updated]... Originally by 'JustOff' (now 'hosted' by Jeroen), a modified script for: 
Gmail - http://bit.ly/2Bs6zn7  ...(use the 'Download' button at that link)

Other scripts, thanks to Jeroen:

That is all.

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JustOff link no longer works!

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Can you update Gmail.js on your Dropbox? Because JustOff no longer working links!

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Thanks. As Jeroen has provided a link... my previous post is updated.

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Download link _  Gmail Script

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var name="Gmail.fix"; It should bevar name="Gmail";??? to write over other Gmail.js?

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No, X-notifier uses the name property of the javascript file now (this changed over time).

Btw: var name and ver (date) can be omitted for internal scripts, as here also the date property of the javascript file is used. For external scripts X-notifier uses the script's ver(sion) date.