Hotmail ( stopped working in 4.1.5, is working on 4.1.4

I have separate machines and both are running X-Notifier with the same settings. Today I noticed that one version is running 4.1.5 of the add-on, and on it my Hotmail account isn't working (red text) and when the profile is clicked it takes you to Bing. 

On the workstation with 4.1.4 installed, it works correctly, and clicking the profile takes you to the email account.

Both workstations are running FireFox Quantum (57.0) 64-bit.


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I have the exact same issue as mrdrako, but mine is with Chrome browser running Windows 7.

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Which page do you see when you open ''?

You should see hotmail page if you logged in.

Else you should see login page.

Some people said that they are redirected to

I guess that it is related to your location.

I get Bing, regardless if I am logged in already or not.

Same problem.  When I click on my account, it open a new tab , immediately after I get redirect to srf .

Instead, my works as it should because when i click my account in the new tab appear .

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Just to note... it works for some...
I have Hotmail,, accounts (the account is on the 'beta', the other two are not), running X-Notifier 4.1.5 on Firefox 57 ...they all go right into my Inboxes.  (US domains)

Mine is going to rather than my inbox as well from today.

I've tried X-notifier versions 3.5.19, 4.1.4, and 4.1.5. All the same.

Update to my situation - I cleared browser cache, deleted all cookies found when i typed "hotmail" in the search field (outlook,live, bing cookies came up), and my x-notifier opens my inbox now!

Try it out for your issue and see what happens.

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I cleared all cookies related to "outlook", "bing" and "hotmail", and cleared the cache. This fixed the problem!

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Fixed in 4.1.6.

Thank you.

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FYI version 4.1.6 do not working at all by doing itself.

1) I did remove all cache by type search in Hotmail and Outlook. (not help)
2) I did manually Log it out on each host after that it seem works fine. (restart firefox I need do it all over again)
3) revert to 4.1.5 WOW it works great!
4) I did try choose 'Help' and push down Shift and it show up 'Log', I click 'Check Now', after complete checking... I click on 'Log' and it shown ZERO data! (something wrong with it)
I did with 4.1.6 and 4.1.5 still 'ZERO' data.

Just tell me what it need to do to make it works maybe 4.1.7 to solve with my Japan country?

Again, Thank you for your time reading and tweak on hotmail/outlook scripts.

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Version 4.1.5 was working just fine for me also... but after the update to 4.1.6, XN would only check one of my three Hotmail scripted accounts.  I also deleted the accounts, cleared cache/cookies, etc... restarted and redefined accounts... with no improvement.   It seems to depend on which account I manually log into, as to which account will be checked... of the other two, one is gray (no icon) and one is red (no icon).   (I will send an email to Tobwithu.)

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In my case, Hotmail has no problem in 4.1.4 ~ 4.1.6.

It means that I cannot reproduce the problem. I just guess it from log file.

Please send me the log file.


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My three Hotmail/ accounts are again working normally... with version 4.1.7


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I have version 4.1.7 running on Chrome V 62.0.3202.94 and it doesn't work. Hotmail stays in red and it doesn't check for mail, if I go to hotmail website and log in, it kicks me out as XNotifier is trying to log in but doesn't, then I log back in again and so the cylce continues, I have disabled Xnotifier for now. BTW I'm not using the beta site, I have that turned off.

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Working:  XN 4.1.7, Chrome Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit), on beta and non-beta accounts.

You should try trouble shooting... delete account definition, clear cookies/cache, redefine account.
If that doesn't do it, reinstall XN.