Firefox 57 (x64) with XN 4.1.5

Hello folks,

I am having an issue still with XN addon.

  1. Recently I made a fresh installation on Windows 10 (x64) Enterprise eddition.
  2. Installed fresh Firefox 57 (x64) and had NOT MADE any change to Firefox. So I was using with default settings with Tracking protection enabled ONLY in Private browsing.
  3. Installed XN 4.1.4 and was not able to add my accounts from neither provider.
  4. That's it! :(

A little bit later came out XN 4.1.5 version, so the story continues as:

  1. Removing/unistalling the (old) version of XN 4.1.4
  2. Installing XN 4.1.5
  3. Enabling/disabling Tracking protection
  4. Now I can use my all email accounts but they are RED and not checking.
  5. That's it again! :(

Any advice how to solve this issue?



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Do you have other addons installed?

Yes I have other addons:

  1. Decentraleyes
  2. Google search link fix
  3. NoScript
  4. Print to pdf
  5. Scroll to top
  6. uBlock Origin
  7. XN 4.1.5
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That is a common issue candidate.
You can test X-notifier in a separate profile. It probably will proof to work.
Then you could add the other addons 1-by-1 to see which one is causing the problem. Starting to install X-notifier first can also solve the issue without having to leave out the conflicting addon.

I had even unistalled the Firefox and XN and nothing changed with only this addon installed.

XN is not working at all without any other addons installed. :(

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Removing all other addons is not the same as starting a new profile. Your profile might stay affected. Follow the instructions and create a new profile that is really fresh!!!!!

What about removing Firefox???

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We're getting confused here, because we're not communicating well.  I wrote the following for your benefit...  [NOTE:   There seems to be a problem with X-Notifier version 4.1.6 and Hotmail/ emals, at the moment... so this needs to be fixed by the developer, I believe... hopefully 4.1.7 will be available soon.] 

In the meantime, if you can run version 4.1.5:


If people want help... they have to follow our leads, our suggestions, very very specifically... that's what the troubleshooting process is... it's very specific, very TEDIOUS, and.... necessary to communicate all the details, so we can help fix the problem. We have reasons for every suggestion, every step in troubleshooting.

We are experienced users with this software, but we're not the developer... we're just other users that have some technical expertise ...and if you want help,  you have to ALLOW us to help by actually doing what we suggest, so that we can have some idea of the procedure occurring on your computer.  

 -  You can't just say to yourself... 'I did that already' or 'I don't need to do that'... you can't skip steps ... IF you want our help.  We can only give you pointers that have helped others... if you ignore them, or think you don't need to work with us civily ... than we can't help you. 

(If we suggest creating a new Firefox user profile... that doesn't mean to tell us over and over that you have a Fresh installation, with fresh Windows and fresh Firefox and fresh X-Notifier.  That doesn't help us help you. I'm sorry you're having a problem but we need to go through each tedious step, one... at... a... time to eliminate the possible problems. Otherwise.... we ALL get frustrated.

As for  ...since you didn't answer my question...

...IF you didn't do those troubleshooting steps properly... then we need to review or do them...

Step #1:  

Check if you can log in manually...  (that means, DON'T use X-Notifier to log in)...

- Open a new tab in your browser, go to the website of your email provider, to the login page... and enter your username and password manually... and press (Enter, or OK, or whatever). 

- This is to see if there are any interruptions in the login process, such as "popups" asking for things like verifying your account security phone number or whatever else your provider wants to ask.  These "prompts" interfere with XN checking for new email.  IF there are any prompts, then you have to clear them, answer them or click OK or whatever they want, so that they go away....  THEN XN should be able to check for new email,

Step #2:  

Clear cache and cookies... 

(Doesn't matter how fresh your installation is, what you have already entered could have been corrupted somehow we need to clear these settings that X-Notifier uses: cache and cookies)

- In Firefox 57, go to Tools, Options, click Privacy & Security... scroll down to History...

IF it says "Firefox will  [ Remember history ]"  or  "Firefox will  [ Never remember history ]"

...then click on the link that says:  Clear your recent history   or   Clear all current history ...

...then click the Time range to clear:  box and set it to:  Everything ...

...then make sure that Cookies and Cache are 'checkmarked'...

...then click Clear now.

IF "Firefox will " is set to [ Use custom settings... ], you can change it, temporarily, to 'Remember history' and follow the directions above, then reset "Firefox will " back to your custom settings.

Step #3:

Check your password...  (Everybody can make a mistake entering passwords)

- You should be able to click X-Notifier's orange "X" icon to get the drop-down list of defined accounts, and then click the account you want to check, which should take you right into that account's Inbox.  If it doesn't log you directly into your Inbox... it's likely you've entered your password incorrectly.

- You can go to X-Notifier's Options and go to the account definition and extremely carefully enter your password... then scroll down, if necessary, and click SAVE.

Step #4:

Restart your browser...

...(CLOSE, then re-open Firefox).   YES, Close it, wait a while, then Re-open the browser, and...

Check X-Notifier to see if your accounts work.  (Be sure to try clicking "Check Now" also.)

If X-Notifier still doesn't seem to be able to check your account for new emails (and you have a good Internet connection), you can do another troubleshooting step... please, just do it...

Next step:  Create a new user profile for Firefox... 
(Using Firefox 57, I have tested the tutorial linked to below , it works.)


Once you have the new profile opened in Firefox, Then add -only- X-Notifier (NO other addons)... 

...Then carefully define your problem account (do NOT 'Import' accounts from any saved 'Export')...

... and check to see if X-Notifier can now check for new emails.

- If it does work, then your old user profile likely still has a problem... such as conflicts between addons, or other 'security' (firewall) or 'cleaning' software clearing X-Notifier cookies or settings or blocking access... or a corruption of your account definition, or bad password, or corrupted installation of X-Notifier or some other kind of corruption in that user profile.

 - Decide if you want to use a new profile or how much effort to put into fixing the problem in the old profile.  

Persistence/patience usually gets results.

Guys this addon is not working properly. I am the one who is spending a lot of time to figure it out what is going on, because in earlier versions everything was fine.

Now I am working on a several computers, brand new machines with installing Win10 with Firefox and XN and nothing more!!! And you are telling me to create a new profile? I mean, you are going in a circle which I am not in that situation. :-/

Even if I want to create a new profile, this is not possible with your tutorial. Things are changed in Firefox 57 and please don't be so rough to me, I am also having difficulties using this addon which from firefox 57 is not fully operational. I understan this because I am also developing a software and I know how it is to go live with your software, but please be more careful with your users. Earlier post which was deleted I had enough time read it and was not right at all. :-/



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What do you want me to do? Share the whole network with you and give you access? I don't understand why are you saying this but I am having issue on a fresh instalation of Windows, Firefox and XN.

It's not true that I didn't try create a new profile because when I typed (firefox.exe –ProfileManager) in Run suddenly Firefox has opened. Do you have an advice about that too?


Here is a close look:

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Your link shows an image that says:

Server not found

...which makes no sense.  Either your link is wrong or something else.

The tutorial on how to create a new profile works just fine... after you create a new profile, it's supposed to open firefox.. and then you add just x-notifier.   This is to make sure nothing else is conflicting.
Since we can't communicate. I'm done.
Just curious... what country are you in/from?

No, the link is correct and you are seeing very fine. I don't know wheter that makes sense or not, but as far I am following the tutorial I am receiving the same message all the time > Server not found

Please, give me advice how can I create a new profile to be able to follow your steps?

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Ok. I'll take the bait one more time... and see how this goes.

The very first step... is to make sure your Firefox program is CLOSED.

Then you can start creating a new profile:

- Hold the 'Windows key' down and press the R key on your keyboard...  
...this opens the 'Run' dialog window

- In that window, you type:  firefox.exe  -profilemanager
...this opens the Firefox profile manager window (and you'll see your current profile listed)

Then click the "Create Profile" button
...this opens a new window of text explaining about creating a new profile

Then click the "Next" button
...the window changes to allow you to enter a name for the new profile

Type in (any) reasonable name for the new profile...

Then click the "Finish" button.
...this returns to the original "Create profile window, and your new profile should be listed there, with a gray 'highlight' bar around it.  Leave it highlighted...

...and (see Note: below) click 'Start Firefox'.  This will open Firefox, using the highlighted profile (your new user profile).
Note:  Pay special attention to the checkbox labeled "Use the selected profile without asking at startup". If this box is checkmarked, everytime you start Firefox, it will -not- present this profile window to allow you to select which profile to start... you'll have to again close firefox and run "firefox.exe -profilemanager" to change profiles.  If this box is -not- checkmarked, everytime you start Firefox, the profile window will popup to allow you to select a profile.
It may be best to leave the box UNcheckmarked until you are certain which profile to always use.
Then you would install X-Notifier... (which is now version 4.1.7, my hotmails work fine with it)...
After installing X-Notifier, you would go to X-Notifier, Options...
...and define JUST ONE of your accounts (that wasn't being checked previously), by First selecting the correct Script from the drop-down list to the left of the Scripts button, then enter your username and password, then Scroll down and click "Save" to save it.

Then you can check to see if X-Notifier can check for new email... X-Notifier's orange "X" icon to get the drop-down account list and your one account should be clearly black (not red, not gray) with an icon to the left of it (if not black with an icon, then try clicking "Check Now").  If the account has new email, and it was successfully checked, it should be bold black, with a number to the far right side of the drop-down account list.

If your email is successfully checked in this new user profile, then something is wrong in your old profile.
If your email is not successfully checked, and as long as you successfully enter your password correctly and your internet connection is good, then this possibly suggests some conflict with other software on the computer (like 'security'/blocking software or cookie/'cleaning' software)... or... possibly something is wrong with X-Notifier. However, if there isn't a flood of posts in the X-Notifier forums from people with the same problem... that still suggests something is wrong with your machine/sofware setup.
If there are a lot of people complaining about the same/similar thing, then there should be an update of X-Notifier or a Script, by the developer... as we have seen with versions 4.1.5, 4.1.6, and 4.1.7 recently.

If you don't follow directions carefully, I'm finished with this.  And there is only so much we can suggest for fixes... from our remote viewpoint. And no, I don't want access to your network.
IF you notice any different results in the process of creating a new profile... then TELL us... we aren't omniscient, we can't work with the unknown or things that react differently than the normal process.  If you tell us the differences, we can help remedy them... or correct errors in our suggested procedure.

Thanks for your response, again!

But unfortunately I am not able to continue with your advice (again) because as I mentioned before Firefox is starting to opening after this step:

- In that window, you type:  firefox.exe  -profilemanager

...this opens the Firefox profile manager window (and you'll see your current profile listed) //

No, I am not able to open a profile manager, Firefox i starting to opening with "Server not found". :-/

What can I do next?

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What happens if you open the Windows Run dialog (by holding Win key and pressing R key)....
...and you type:  firefox.exe    
Does firefox open with the search page showing?  or does that give an error too?

Yes, it starts with without any error.

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[See UPDATE below.]
Ok.  Next, I could try explaining "punycode" and www.xn--(yourtext)-(randomcharacters).com being an interpretation of International Domain Names or Unicode into ASCII characters, but it's all new to me, so I won't... but your error message is a clue to something odd going on. 
Are  you using a non-English keyboard? And again I'm wondering what country you're in?
>>> But we might be able to skip all that and just use the short form of the Firefox command line. So, to start the firefox user profile creation window, open the Run window (hold down Win key and press R key)... and type:  firefox.exe -P   ...and let us know if that works.

[UPDATE:  As Tobwithu mentions (in his post below)... you are using the wrong character to create the dash symbol could copy one of our text commands, I believe, and paste it into your Run box, if nothing else.]

(It's very late here, I'm going to sleep.)

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Run 'firefox.exe -profilemanager'

It is code problem in first comment.

firefox.exe –ProfileManager

The dash above(–) is not correct ASCII code dash(-).

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Thanks for looking in ;)  (good eyes, good catch... I didn't notice the dash. Was getting close though ;)
Could a similar non-ASCII character entry cause his accounts not to be checked?
(Well... it was a nice try, huh? ;)

Interesting. When I run the command with the incorrect dash, I get the same result (but my ISP account setting response is redirecting to a TimeWarner/Spectrum search suggestion page, so I don't see the 'server not found' page/graphic.)

I see there's a 'punycode' attack vector, where 'foreign' symbols render as English but could point to another website...


Hello and firstly I am very sorry for my late response because I see now that this topic has a lot of to read,


Secondly, I am glad that you had found the issue for not opening/creating a new profile in Firefox. Honestly, I was much more annoyed when I was reading a guy from above laughing how I was doing something wrong rather that not solving/creating a new profile. So, this was not my fault.

And finally, most important:

  • I had created a new profile and was able to start again.
  • Firstly, I had installed XN and sadly was not working and I said damn this thing won’t work again?
  • Secondly, I installed all addons which I am using.
  • At the end I went to properties and found that Firefox was blocking third-party cookies.

o   When I enable the option always to remember these cookies XN is working

o   When I disable the options always to remember these cookies XN is NOT WORKING

·         So, I went to give an exception for XN cookies and sadly I am not able to find them. Usually this thing should work when I enable third-party cookies and XN cookies should be there, but am I missing something?


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In FF 57, go to Firefox Options, Privacy & Security, History... 
Change "Firefox will " box 'Use custom settings...'
Click 'Show Cookies' button
Type: xnotifier the search box.
(You should see three cookies.)

No, I am not seeing the cookies when I type "xnotifier".

I am not seeing any similar cookie which describes XN.

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I don't know why this has to be so difficult...
Take a look at the image linked below for the cookies.
Note... on the end of the third cookie name, where there's a blank between the     and the   ]    put  your xnotifier forum name, like this:   #pocttopus]
(I deleted mine from the space.)
Good luck.  I'm done here.