Is there any way to find my passwords since FF does not save them anymore?

XN v.4.1.4

I know this is a redundant question and I did search, but found old answers that aren't relevant. I stopped using FF about V.55, because it is just too messed up now. Switched to Chrome. 

I had an old copy of my PWs from before FF stopped automatically saving them, but it is missing a few, and I can't remember them. I don't want to have to change them...yet again (Gmail just made me change them for some reason I cannot fathom.)

Is there anywhere these PWs are stored on the computer so I can find them? TIA for any help you can give me. 



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In Chrome, you can go to Settings, scroll down to open Advanced, scroll down to Manage Passwords.
(You can get to Settings, but clicking the three vertical dots on the right end of the mail toolbar.)
Once you're in Manage Passwords, you can click the little 'eye' icon to show a password... you'll probably have to enter the password for the username that you're logged into on the computer...
...and you can actually use Ctrl+F to Search for text in the sitenames or usernames on the passwords page.

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That only saves PWs from site you log into, not your XN passwords. The only way you can save your SN PWs is to sign into each email from the mail site itself, then tell Chrome to save it. FF used to save them all, but it doesn't now, so I've had to reset a bunch of them that are no longer working. Resetting Yahoo PWs is a royal PITA. I'm thinking of deleting all but one of my Yahoo accounts, and that's only because I need it for a genealogy group on Yahoo groups.

Get a free RboForm Password program. With free it will save 30 passwords. Buy a life time and get unlimited. The program can be password protected as well. It will create passowrds for you. I have a life time program. Best password protector ever. You can also use ascii as well.

It will save passwords to all browsers.