X-notifier no longer working with Firefox 57 (64-bit)

After updating Firefox to version 57, all 3 of my email accounts are red. (2 Gmail, 1 Yahoo)  Clicking on them will successfully take me to my email accounts manually but it will no longer indicate new messages or allow me to run Check Now.  Everything was working fine in 56.0.2 before the update.  Tried reinstalling x-notifier, running a cleanup with CCleaner, rebooting, nothing.  I've quite enjoyed this add-on for some time now and hope someone knows how to get it working again.

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Firefox 57 requires X-Notifier 4.1.4.  FF 57 cannot run standard X-N 3.x version (non-forked code)...
...workaround:  http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/node/3645

I am running FF 57 with X-N  4.1.4 and it checks my hotmail/outlook.com/live.com, gmail. yahoo, aol, and even RSS. (I'm not running 2-step authorization.)

If you have FF 57 and X-N 4.1.4 ...you might try either deleting email account definitions and redefining in X-Notifier or uninstalling X-Notifier and reinstalling or both (delete definitions, uninstall/reinstall, redefine).

If  you need to make exceptions for tracking/cookies...

I am having the same problem, but only for my 2 Gmail accounts - Hotmail seems to be working fine.

Running XN 4.1.4, with Firefox 57 (64-bit). For me, I think it may have stopped working before the firefox update though - first noticed it the other day.

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The settings of the hotmail accounts are saved, but after a fresh restart it doesn't open the account instantly but first opens the general login page. After a few attemps more i can open the different accounts.  So working, but not 100%. 

Gmail settings are not saved at all, after every restart the settings are gone.

X-N 4.1.4  with FF 57(64-bit)

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I am having the same issues as others have reported. I also tried to add scripts for other email accounts that I was able to access under XN 3.5.23 and I could not. I have been using XN for a very long time and am very happy with it. Hopefully someone knows how to get it working again. Please! Thank you for allowing me to speak out.



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After you define your accounts... are you scrolling down all the way to click the Save button?

Are you using any cookie cleaning software or settings?

The problem was having Tracking Protection turned on.  As soon as it's set to anything other than "Always" everything works again. Anyone know what to add in as an exception?

Yes, that fixed the problem for me as well. Would be great to have a workaround, so we can enable Tracking Protection and still have a working X-N

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Try excepting:   xnotifier.tobwithu.com

Or excepting cookies...
Firefox 57:  Tools, Options, Privacy & Security, History, Use custom settings for history, Show cookies...
Type: xnotifier       ...to see cookies.

Annoyingly, I can't find a way to add xnotifier.tobwithu.com as an exception.

There doesn't seem to be an option to manually add websites.

I think the only way is when you have tracking protection enabled, going to that website and then selecting the option to remove tracking protection from the drop-down info section by the address bar. (https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/tracking-protection?as=u&utm_source...)

However, it only gives you the option if the site is actually tracking you - which this website doesn't seem to be.

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I tried disabling Tracking Protection for the website (yes, I could do it for xnotifier.tobwithu.com) --and-- making exceptions for cookies.... -and- setting Permissions to Allow (click the " i " in address bar, then the arrow, etc)  ...and that still didn't work.  
   Interestingly, TP only blocks Yahoo and Gmail (not Outlook or AOL) ...and I did disable TP for the Yahoo.com and mail.yahoo.com and the login website pages as well... and that still did not work.
I will send a note to the developer.

[Edit: Developer fixed problem in version 4.1.5 of X-Notifier.]

I'm just following this thread to see where it goes.
I have the same issue with Tracking Protection; as I'm sure everyone else does.

I made a fresh instalation of Windows 10 x64 LTSB or Enterprise edition. Then I installed Firefox 57 and also xnotifier 4.1.4 and I don't know the reason but this addon is not working!!! I had enabled all cookies to be stored od accepted even from third parties but this is not workign either.

I want to mention that this addon is not working on other configuration too.

Guys, I don't know what settings to be configured but this should be simple for every user even for advanced. It's just a mail checker, nothing more.

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What do you mean 'not working'?   You can't define accounts?  It won't check the accounts? Or...

First thing I'd do is uninstall XN... restart the browser, reinstall XN, define accounts from scratch (don't Import).
Make sure other settings or addons are not conflicting... (disable other addons, make sure Tracking Protection is not set to 'Always').
(Just sayin'... When defining accounts, be sure to scroll down and click 'Save'.)

Yes, I am not able to add accounts. There is no choice menu for gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc...

This is happening on both (two)  computers.

I already said that I was on a fresh installation of Windows10 with fresh instalation of Firefox 57. But also I had removed XN, clean cash and cookies and reinstall again and nothing changed.

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(First, just letting you know... I'll mention that you should make a new forum topic, instead of posting in the middle of this one about X-Notifier not working because of Tracking Protection.  To create a new topic, you would go to the top of this page and click Forums, and then 'Add new topic', and select the appropriate forum, etc.  That way, everyone else who could help would see your post better instead of missing it buried in this thread. I know it's about XN not working, but yours is apparently not about Tracking Protection.)

In the Firefox toolbar, Click the orange "X" icon, and click 'Options'...

What do you see in the left panel, above "Username"?  Is there not a selection box there, with a down arrow, to select from a list of scripts to define accounts?

Thanks for your advice and sorry if I mess something with this topic because this (Drupal) forum-software is most chaotic I've ever seen. It reminds me on facebook where users don't know where to find new posts. :-/  I am already admin on two forum SMF communities and this Drupal is the worst by my experience!


Sorry for my offtopic and dont't take this personal. I will create a new topic for my issue. Thanks for helping me out! :)

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This is because of the new feature 'Tracking Protection' in Firefox 57.

Fixed in 4.1.5.


Thanks tobwuthu for your response but now all email (4 gmail, 1 yahoo and 1 hotmail) accounts are red. :(

Hotmail still not working here. All I get if I click one of my hotmails is a Bing search page.

Gmail work just fine though.

Glad to see the Tracking Protection issue was addressed.  Everything works 100% for me now.