Aol times out while typing email

First off I want to say I have been using X- Notifier for about 5 years and I LOVE IT.

Just recently I started having a problem with my AOL emails.  I have 2 AOL accounts and while I am typing out an Email I think X-Notifier logs me out so it can check my Email in my other AOL account.

Then when I get ready to send the Email I am typing I end up becoming " logged out" and the Email I am working on can NOT be sent.   The page freezes and I get a pop up saying that I am no longer logged in.

I have my X-Notifier setting  to check one Account every 5 minutes and the other is set for every 10.

The Email I am typing has only been open 2 minutes and when I go to send it and I can NOT because I am no longer logged into that account :(

Then instead of  AOL saving the Email I just typed it actually deletes it and I have to start over and hope I can type really fast and beat X-Notifier checking the other account so I don't get looged out whiile typing a new Email :( :( :(

My work around has become everytime I type a new Email I rt click COPY it  so  when I get "logged out I have a copy of it. So then I have to open an new Email and start over then I just RT click paste and hit send ASAP and I beat the time it take to get logged out.   

What a hassle but it sure beats retyping the whole Email from scratch again.

My question is what changed in X-Notifier that is causing the time out problem? 

I was hoping I could just change my setting for when both accounts check for new Email but that doesn't seam to work and there is something in the script telling X-Notifier to log me out of one account so it can check for new Email in the other account.

Looking forward for a cure thanks.

Happycamper :)



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I am using Chrome Browser but I doubt the browser has anything to do with when X-Notifier signs me out of one account to log into the other.

I guess I will set the 1 account to check every hour since I don't use it much and see what happens.