Multiple Hushmail accounts in different tabs at the same time

I finally dumped firefox because of the stupid automatic update which cause to upgrade to the newest stable version, now not supporting flash plugin anymore.  And anyways chrome is now faster (at least in my opinion). So I switched to chrome (in incognito mode) and now also using the newest x-notifier version 4.1.4 on chrome 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu.


I am not sure if this a problem coming from x-notifier or chrome, but now i cannot be logged in multiple Hushmail accounts in different tabs at the same time, while it always been possible in firefox through x-notifier.  X-notifier seems not to be able to log in anyways when I click to open a tab and view unread emails.  if already logged in another account before, it will remember (even if tab was closed).  If any other tab is already opened on hushmail, it will use it instead of opening a new one.  


So anyways, the short story : I always need to log out, and log in manually in the one I need.  

The only thing that is working : showing the number of unread emails for multiple accounts.

The hushmail script is the recent 2017 version.


I am not sure about gmail, yahoo and other email providers, I did not have time to test.


I am not sure of what version of x-notifier I was using before, but not the most recent for sure.   I notice a lot less features in 4.1.4 ??? what happened ?


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In brief...
Chrome version of X-Notifier is based on a different Application Programming Interface from the old Firefox version 3.x of X-Notifier... which limited the available features that could be programmed for Chrome versions.
Mozilla is switching Firefox 57+ to a similar Application Programming Interface to the one in Chrome, which meant X-Notifier for Firefox 4.x had to be rewritten similar to the Chrome version, but... the new Firefox version X-Notifier 4.x could not allow for custom user-added scripts, multi-session logins (except for Gmail) ...which is what allowed multiple logins to Hushmail in the old version 3.x for Firefox ..., etc. 

Thank you for the explanations... I am not using firefox but chrome and the latest hushmail script with x-notifier 4.1.4.

Do I understand that multiple sessions won't be supported anymore (on chrome or firefox) ?

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I understood that you switched away from FF.
Google supports multiple logins from a client software to its Gmail product.
It seems few others do, for their products.
I just noted that the previous FF X-N version (3.x) provided for multiple sessions within itself... and now... all versions 4.x of X-N do not appear to have the ability anymore (for multiple sessions with the same email provider)... just one account tab per provider at a time... via the various browsers' addon Application Programming Interfaces... from what we're seeing in how the 4.x versions work.
However, Gooogle still supports multiple logins from a single client, so we're still able to have multiple gmail account tabs opened at the same time.  Checking multiple accounts for new email still works.


Wow so there are lot less features now... is that what we call progress ? lol 

I hope it will become better someday, honestly, i don't really see the point using it anymore if i can't access all my email accounts in one click like before.

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That's what Mozilla calls progress... X-Notifier has to go with the flow.

X-Notifier 4.x for Firefox provides checking for Microsoft products (Outlook/Hotmail/Live/etc), Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail...  RSS feeds, and Daum/Naver/Nate, and XN forums.

I have 14 accounts from 10 different providers... in X-Notifier for CHROME, which still provides for user-added custom script accounts.  
Works for me.