Does version 4.1.4 work properly with latest Firefox 57 ?

I keep getting prompted continually to download Firefox 57 Beta.  I don't want to do it if there will be any issues with the latest X-Notifier. 

I have about 6 different Yahoo and Hotmail email accounts.  Although I seemed to have lost one of the features I really liked in the latest X-Notifier update (which was to have my account email names all show on my desktop in a "toolbar") X-notifier is a super great add-on and I don't want to mess anything up by updating Firefox.  Especially since this FF update is still in Beta. 

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Is everything good, my friend?

The "X-notifier lite (for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) 1.10" is not working very well in the Firefox 56.0.

Can you help me, please?

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1. You should have started  your own original post (about X-Notifier Lite) instead of adding on to someone else's post (about X-Notifier 4.1.4).  (That's called 'hijacking' the forum thread.)
2. You need to tell us what exactly 'is not working very well'... and maybe someone can make helpful suggestions for your problem.


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x-notifier works on FF 57 very well .. I did not have any problems locking into gmail nor hotmail

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I have most of my accounts in Yahoo though.  Has anyone encountered any issues with X-Notifer latest version checking and opening their Yahoo accounts ?

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I have one Yahoo! mail account.  Just updated FF to 57.  X-Notifier 4.1.4 working fine.

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I'm not very technically computer proficient.  So you're saying that if I download FF 57 Notifier should work opening and checking all Hotmail accounts without doing anything complicated or making registry changes of some kind? 

I also just got an email wanting me to do the download for FireFox "Quantum."  Which they're touting as the NEW  Firefox.  What is that and will X-N work properly with that for Hotmail and Yahoo? 

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So, as Jeroen mentions, FF 57 is FF Quantum.  I simply updated my 56 to 57 and never saw anything about Quantum, but I went to Help, About Firefox ...and it calls it FF Quantum (57.0).
If you're running XN 4.1.4 already, yes, you've noticed it's lacking some features dropped from version 3.x, like the toolbar.

XN 4.1.4 provides embedded scripts for Hotmail/, Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL (and still checks RSS sites).  I have accounts with all of those and they work fine...
...although when XN first starts up, it doesn't check my secondary Gmails. However, after the email check period elapses (default 10 mins), it checks all three of my Gmails  (or, if I click 'Check Now'). 

* I * don't have a problem with XN 4.1.4 and those email providers I listed above... can't guarantee other people will be carefree.  Shtuff happens.   Works fer me.   Recommendation is to create a backup of your accounts before updating... (go to XN Options, and Export accounts).

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Thanks for taking the time to be so detailed.  Hope it is as problem--free for me.  Can't do without X-N.

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FireFox Quantum = Firefox 57

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I downloaded Firefox 57 (called Quantum) and I can state now for others everything on X-N is working perfectly.  In fact it seems to recognize emails already checked and  removes the message count number more quickly than it did in Firefox 55.