WTF have you done to the app????

Just got app updated and mate, you've take like 20 steps backward.  The interface is not working correctly, read mails don't clear in the notify area, can't have multiple accounts open in diff tabs - each one just reopens in the existing email tab, some won't even open at all.  This is a classic case of 'if it aint broke don't try to fix it'.  Whilst there were issues with the last version this new one is just plain awful. Sorry, but you messed up badly here.

Since you've just proved you have not had any information on changes to X-Notifier, I'll just say that...

MOZILLA , the maker of Firefox, FORCED THE CHANGES on X-Notifier, WHICH ARE TO GO INTO EFFECT WITH VERSION 57 OF FIREFOX.  We're on 56 now.  You can't blame the developer of X-Notifier, who has managed to save what he could out of the mess MOZILLA created by changing the addon programming platform.   

If... the new version is not working well for you with the accounts that it -does- support... it's probably best to uninstall X-Notifier, restart your browser, and reinstall and redefine your accounts from scratch.
Oh, thanks to Mozilla changes, no more user-added custom scripts... the developer has to add each email provider embedded directly in the program and is understandably concentrating on the major webmail providers.

Read some of the other posts if you want some heads up, history, info, etc.

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I am still using V56, I have not updated to 57.  Amazingly, and I don't know how this is even possible, but it is actually merging different hotmail accounts into one page!!!  So if I open one account to read mail, then open another, the second acc will not only open in the same tab as the 1st account, but some of the folders are clearly visable too.  This seems to defy all logic.  And this is just the end of the road for a program that seems to have bcome less and less useful/functional over the last several updates.

Were you already running version 4 of X-Notifier when it recently updated?
Because it sounded like you were on the old version 3.
Doesn't matter whether using FF 56 or 57 ...version of X-Notifier will run on both... but ...v4 does not work like version 3.x of X-Notifier.  If you had version 3 when X-Notifier updated, then it updated to 4 and then you saw the differences forced by Mozilla changing the addon programming platform.

Otherwise, in version 4 of X-Notifier...
Only Gmail supports multiple sessions in different tabs.  I just tested an upgrade from v3 to v4 and it did mess up multiple Gmail tabs, opening the same account in different tabs when I clicked on other accounts... but it eventually settled down and began working correctly for Gmail... multiple tabs with different Gmail accounts in them  Other email providers multiple accounts must be opened one at a time... the previous account tab closed first.  They don't support multiple sessions/logins.

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I have no idea what update and to which version.  All I can tell you was that it was in a state of more or less accepatable, the XNot updated then it just sucked pig balls.  I have just come up with an awesome solution though, which works perfectly for me.  Competely uninstalled FF, cleaned reg etc for thorough deep clean.  Then installed FF version 44 and XNot v 3.5.23.  Everything works perfectly now.  Each individual hotmail acc opens in its own tab, without contamination of other accs.  I also have the 'right click' option back to select individual accs.  (the new version went to a ball sucking left click option only).  Had I been able to find an alternative Hotmail 'manager' as an add on I would have just installed that.  But it seems XNot is the only one available, for its existence I am grateful and I am waaaaaaay happier now that I've got it back installed just the way I like it.  Functional!!!

Now to make sure the little fuker doesn't upgrade itself again and change its preferences in my settings to enable that.

You'll need to prevent Firefox from updating to 57 and beyond as well.
X-N 3.x will NOT work on FF 57+

You disable updates just for the X-Notifier add-on by going to FF's Tools, Addons, Extensions... go to X-Notifier, click "More", scroll down to Automatic Updates and select the 'Off' check button.

Disable FF updates by going to Tools, Options, General tab, scroll down to Firefox Updates and check an option for 'Allow Firefox to'... which doesn't allow auto-updating.