X-notifier 4.1.4 GMX.com and MAIL.com are red in Chrome

Chrome verion Version 61.0.3200.0 (Developer Build) (64-bit)  Please fix.

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Version of Chrome doesn't matter (just noting, not rebutting). 
GMX/mail.com are related entities.
And developer has been emailed.  The more requests he receives to xndevel@gmail.com, the more attention the fix may receive.  Wouldn't expect a quick one, but perhaps...

Thank you for the reply.  Is there some protocol for emailing xndevel@gmail.com ... or do I just email him that mine are both red?

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Just however you can -politely- get his attention... without being obnoxious ;)
Are capital letters obnoxious? ;)... probably a bit.
Nice, short, succinct, subject line, like:   GMX/Mail.com ...Broken... Need Updates Please
The same in the body of the email... (no empty/subject-only emails).
The more users, the better, so that it's clear it isn't just a few misconfigured or buggy systems.

I guess I am asking .. what exactly is a 'test account'?  Where I provide my log in info for the scripts that are red???  User ID and password??????????

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First... soon, only the Chrome/Safari/Opera version of X-Notifier will be able to use custom scripts.
Version 3.x for Firefox (and other Mozilla products) will no longer work starting with version 57 of Firefox because Mozilla is changing the addon programming platform.

As for 'test accounts'...
The developer does not subscribe to every email provider that exists... and some email providers make temporary accounts difficult or impossible to create. Therefore... it's left up to users to create test accounts for the developer to create/fix scripts.

A test account is one that you create at your email provider...  for the developer, and provide the username/password to him (at xndevel@gmail.com) for the purpose of testing the login process and writing a new script or updating a broken one... he needs to be able to monitor the exchange of program code during the login process to make/fix scripts.   
If... you also have trouble creating a temporary account to provide to him, then your only alternative is to -temporarily- provide him -your- username and password so that he can examine the login process and create or fix a script for it.  Many people have done that... they change their password either before and after giving him access to their account, or just change the password after he's created/fixed the script.  If you can't provide a temporary account or access to yours, then you'll have to write your own script or find someone who else who can.  

Again, Firefox 57 will not be able to run version 3.x of X-Notifier... and version 4.x of X-Notifier for Firefox cannot provide for user-loadable custom scripts... the new Mozilla addon programming does not provide the means to accomplish loading of custom scripts by users.  So the developer has to embed scripts in the programming of X-Notifier and has concentrated on the major webmail providers.

I use Chrome... version of X-Notifier for Chrome still supports custom scripts... problem solved (except... there is no script for POP3/IMAP accounts, again due to coding limitations). 


for the in depth explanation.