Toolbar x-notifier?

Hello, where can I find the toolbar with new version please?

Many thanks


Edit: and also, how add script for GMX now? thanks

Due to changes by Mozilla (maker of Firefox), the new X-Notifier version 4.x for Firefox is not able to allow users to add custom scripts.  (The developer has to embed scripts in the program.)
Mozilla has said old addons, like X-Notifier 3.x, will no longer work with future Firefox versions 57 and newer.
X-Notifier for Chrome browser can still add custom scripts (but does not support POP3 or IMAP scripts, and doesn't provide a toolbar.)

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Yes Firefox ... ok so GMX is dead for this moment? Thanks for your response :(

Unless you want to run Chrome with X-Notifier 4.x, or... X-Notifier 3.x and turn off updates for that version of X-Notifier as well as for Firefox. (not recommended)

I have installed a 'portable' version of Firefox 54 (it runs in its own directory, or on a USB stick) with X-Notifier 3.5.23... I just don't try to run my regular Firefox 55 and my portable version of Firefox at the same time... but both are installed on my PC.  As I mentioned, I've turned off updates for X-N 3.5.23 and turned off the updates for the portable Firefox 54.  

I run X-Notifier 4.1.4 on my regular Firefox 55 (with updates ON).

But mostly, I use Chrome with X-Notifier 4.1.4.