Log into Gmail without logging into Google account?

In older versions of X-notifier, it used to be the case that I could check my email without being logged into my Google account. This changed with X-notifier 4. I just don't want to have to worry about Google tracking my searches. Does anyone know if it is possible to return to that setting?

I tried going back to 3.5.23 but none of my accounts are getting checked; always red.

Any help is appreciated.

You should be able to get X-N 3.5.23 to work on FF 54 ...I had some trouble with FF 55, I believe, so I set up a "Portable Firefox" 54 version with XN 3.5.23... and turned off updates for both FF and for X-Notifier.  I didn't care to troubleshoot FF 55, I use X-N 4.1.3 with it.
The 3.x version of X-Notifier will supposedly -not- work at all beginning with Firefox 57, when they remove the old addons Application Programming Interface.


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Download from Firefox with ESR

Download from GitHub with XN 3.5.25!

I don't know what Firefox with ESR's lifespan, just simply enjoy it while you are at it.

[EDIT] Well.............
I give up on ESR version numbers... at some point... they pick an ESR version number... and then add an ESR point release to coincide with subsequent FF 'regular' major version numbers, until they decide... for some reason ...to change the ESR major number. 
>>>  https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/faq/
More info:  https://wiki.mozilla.org/Enterprise/Firefox/ExtendedSupport:Proposal#Pro...

Their brief explanatory blurb says:

"What does the Mozilla Firefox ESR life cycle look like?
Releases will be maintained for approximately one year, with point releases containing security updates coinciding with regular Firefox releases. The ESR will also have a two cycle (12 week) overlap between the time of a new release and the end-of-life of the previous release to permit testing and certification prior to deploying a new version."

 So.... whatever.  I don't use ESR's... not going to.
And... I'm done with this version circus of Mozilla's.  
I expect that's why Tobwithu is somewhat silent on all these permutations too... and I'm not surprised.
If I want custom scripts, I'll continue to use CHROME.  
As for FF-XN 3.x:    R.I.P.

(Friendly note...  Future tense: expires 2018; past tense: expired 2016 (for example).
Happy September ;)

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Correct 52.8.0 expires[d](VERY BAD ENGLISH, Shame on ME! BUT I like letter 'D'! smile) on June 26, 2018.