Hotmail/ Outlook Beta Causing Problems With X-Notifier Working

I currently use Mozilla Firefox and realize that Hotmail/ Outlooking is rolling out a Beta which is giving it a new look this could cause problems with being able to log into Hotmail / Outlook emails so be careful if you decide to try it . I wanted to make you all aware of this.

For now, we have the option to switch back to the non-beta version, also.
There's a little slider for 'Try the beta' that you can turn off.
You should wait until the screen is redrawn back to the old version, and finishes everything.
Then you may want to logout, not sure if that's necessary, but I did.
Then you may have to restart your browser.
In any case, I got back to the old version and my three accounts are working with X-Notifier again.


Yes all Hotmail/ Outlook accounts now are working.

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It didn't work for me. I did everything you said but Hotmail is still grey

There is a new version of X-Notifier that fixes Hotmail/Outlook/Live domains, etc. script... available for Chrome now (mine updated), it will probably be available soon for Firefox/etc after the Mozilla addons store approves it...