Hotmail/ Outlook And X-notifier 4.1.3 Not Working

X-notifer 4.1.3  not working with Hotmail/ Outlook it switches between accounts and or logs into the wrong Hotmail/Outlook accounts .

Do you want to work on the problem or... ?  Which browser, FF or Chrome?
Have you tried creating a different/new user profile and adding just X-Notifier (disabling other addons) and defining just one problem account from scratch (not importing any backup) to see if it works that way?

So we'll assume that this post is also about the new 'beta' versions of Microsoft domains... since you've created another post about that.  I'm sure the developer will catch up X-Notifier with the new Microsoft versions.

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Thank you for finding problem. I guess I will wait for Tobwithu update Hotmail/Outlook scripts that problem with switches between accounts and/or logs into the wrong HOtmail/Outlook accounts!

Mine is NOT beta version yet, but still problem.

I just assumed Microsoft accounts are not (or are no longer) "multi-session" like Google addresses, so I open them one at a time, logging out when needed... but no problem for X-Notifier checking these emails with current (non-beta) versions.

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Fixed in 4.1.4

I could not update Safari version.

My apple developer certificate has expired.