Latest update (4.1.3) grey out all GMail accounts on Chromium

My XNotifier got updated somewhere last week or so ago on my (Google) chromium web browser. Since then, all my GMail accounts become grey out eventhough some still show number of new emails. To make this worse, the pop-up message indicates number of GMail accounts have new e-mails, but nothing happens when I click any of the GMail account shown on the pop-up message. To this date, in order to read the new mails on any GMail accounts, I have to manually click the XNotifier and then click the grey out GMail account which indicates new incoming emails. Has anyone encountered this issue?

I've tried re-importing and manually entering usernames and passwords. All red.

Chromium browser is a developer's browser, upon which the Chrome browser and others are based.  
Chromium lacks many features added to create the Chrome browser.
Google's main showcase public browser is called CHROME.

X-Notifier 4.1.3 for Chrome handles my three Gmail accounts without trouble.
I do not use 2-step authentication though (yet).
Those having trouble, should open a new tab, type in:  ...for the web address and manually log in to check your login username/password and to check for any pop-up prompts which may be causing trouble.
After that, if the gmail accounts still have trouble, I would try deleting the gmail account definitions in X-Notifier, then close and restart the browser, then re-open X-Notifier Options and manually redefine the gmail accounts... do not import.

After you get them working, go back to X-Notifier, Options and Export your accounts for a backup.