Request for script for

Hi, I have sent you an email from my account to that email address in the post.  Thank you.

You have sent an email to the developer of X-Notifier, not me... I'm just another user of X-Notifier.
You may need to send more than one request. You can also ask for help from other users. 
I can't write scripts.

I sent my request to

If this is not correct, please let me know.

Thank you.

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How put scripts in newFF version of X-notifire?


X-Notifier version 3.x for Firefox, Sea Monkey, Thunderbird...  allows users to add custom scripts to the list of available scripts to use to define accounts.  Go to X-Notifier, Options, click Scripts, click Add... then browse and select the custom script file which you've downloaded from the Scripts page here.

X-Notifier verson 4.x for Firefox, etc... does NOT allow users to add custom scripts.  The developer must embed the scripts in the program itself... this change was forced because Mozilla (maker of Firefox) is changing the addons Application Programming Interface such that programming does not allow for users to add scripts.

X-Notifier version 4.x for Chrome, Opera, Safari still allows adding custom scripts (because their API is different from Mozilla's). See the Scripts link above.  The Chrome, etc., version of X-Notifier does NOT support the POP3 or IMAP scripts though (nor does version 4.x for Firefox).