Glitch with 4.1.3 after update to FF 55.0

Everything was working fine once I updated to 4.1, but as soon as FF updated to v55.0, it was showing Yahoo red again. Strangely enough, when I click on the red Yahoo, it signs me in like normal.

Just reporting this. I hardly ever use Yahoo mail, so no problem really.





Yes Yahoo is doing the same exact thing to me.

I'd like to set Firefox 55.0 to clear all cookies when I exit, except for those belonging to X-notifier 4.1.3.
But I don't understand how to do it...
* What cookies must I preserve in order for X-notifier to function?
* How do I instruct Firefox to clear all cookies when exiting the program but to keep those that belong to X-notifier?

To manage cookies, go to Tools, Options, Privacy, History, Use custom settings for history... can choose your Exceptions (by domain) and Keep until: I close Firefox

 I don't use this, so I don't know which cookies to except.
If you click Show Cookies and type in xnotifier, you get a few... if you type in xn, you get many.

I have several accounts on FF 55.0.1  and all worked fine on 3.5.23 version but on 4.1.3 none of accounts are checked.

Do you have a fix for this issue or should I return to 3.5.23?

The procedure to update to 4.x from 3.x is to Export your accounts first, and then install 4.x, and then Import your accounts.  

If you have a good export already, then clear your accounts from 4.1.3 and Import the exported backup.
If you don't have an exported backup (and you should), you may be able to reinstall 3.5.23 over the top of 4.1.3, and your accounts may still be there... then Export them and then... you can reinstall 4.1.3 and Import your accounts.  
>>> NOTE:  X-N 4.1.3 does NOT support adding custom scripts by the user... so you only get the email providers embedded in the 4.1.3 program... Gmail, Hotmail/, Yahoo, AOL ...and Daum, Naver, Nate... plus RSS and XN forum. 
If you have other custom script acccounts you want to keep, you'll have to stay with 3.x ...however, Mozilla is switching the addon Application Programming Interface with FF version 57, supposedly... (terminating the old addons API) version 3.x of X-Notifier will no longer work with FF 57 and above.  There will possibly be an ESR (extended service release) of FF 56 for one year.  This switch of API's by Mozilla is what caused all the changes in X-N 4.x.

Thanks for your response and support but I found what caused the problem.

It was under "privacy" and I had selected never to receive 3-rd party cookies. Unfortunately this is not my favorite option because FF provides more privacy options than other browsers. So, now the big question is how to use 4.x version and be able to continue using the browser with good old settings under privacy options?

How about trying to set exceptions for X-Notifier cookies?
You can look at Show Cookies and enter xnotifier and xn.
I don't know which to except because I don't block that way... since it disables things.
I use other security software.

I found this cookie ( and make an exception but unfortunately this option is not working well. Still cannot check the emails. I am having 4-5 mail accounts from gmail and they are in red colour. Any suggestion how to solve the issue?

Using X-Notifier 4.1.3, I have three Gmail accounts.  When I start up Firefox 55, two of them will at first show in red, but if I click 'Check now', or wait until the mail check interval occurs, the other two will be checked for email.  Otherwise, I would try deleting the problem accounts from X-Notifier 4.1.3, restart my browser, and then redefine those accounts in X-Notifier.

I followed these steps and nothing is changed yet.

What else can I do? :(



I found this 3.5.25 version in the meantime and everything is fine on Firefox 55.01.

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Once you login your yahoo account manually, it will work again.