Hotmail,,, etc... block

I just wanted to note a small anomaly that may block X-Notifier from checking Hotmail,,, and other associated domains email accounts...

I noticed the icons were not showing up for certain accounts in my X-Notifier drop-down account list (when you click the X-Notifier 4.x envelope icon)... which tends to indicate the accounts are not being checked properly.

So, on the X-Notifier drop-down list, I clicked the affected account(s) to open them in a new tab, logging me into my inbox for the account(s)... the first time, this worked just fine, no problem going directly to Inbox.  If I clicked X-Notifier's "Check Now", the account icon remained missing in the drop-down account list.

I found I had to click the account in the drop-down list and go into it, more than once... and on the second time I went into the account, Microsoft would finally display a prompt for me to verify that my secondary contact/recovery email or other information was correct.  I clicked the button to indicate the info was still current and it took me again into my inbox. And...

After that, X-Notifier started checking the account(s) properly again, and the icons were back.

So, if you have trouble with X-Notifier checking Hotmail,,, or other Microsoft related email accounts... be sure to be persistent and go into your webmail account in a new tab -more than once- to make sure you get any prompts from the email provider, which may be hanging up X-Notifier.