Yahoo Still Not Checking Emails in X-notifier 4.1.3

Yahoo still not working with X-notifier 4.1.3 . It only works with my Hotmail, Outlook accounts.

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1) I assume you did EXport Firefox with 3.2.23(or 24 from eewink website with help jeroen for yahoo). with your password... Also, double check click on Preference=> Security=> Saved Login and SHOW PASSWORD... copy all password write on paper!

2) Create NEW Profile called? "XN 4.1.3" on Firefox and do NOT install XN 4.1.3 yet.

3) Manually all Yahoo log-in and ask you if you want to SAVE password? you click YES.

4) Please do click on "add" Yahoo account do it ...

5) log out and login other Yahoo account without any problem?

6) Please write on paper with your password if any change... to make sure you did NOT forget.

7) Please do samething with Gmail... please see 3, 4, 5, 6 above.

8) don't worry about AOL, Hotmail, and Outlook. it seem fine.

9) Install XN 4.1.3

10) IMport firefox.xn and type your password.

11) You might need to tweak by log it out, and log in... sometime ask for security allowed or not... you need to click click click.

12) After that it should be works! on Yahoo and as well as on Gmail too. Regard to AOL, Hotmail and Outlook it seem fine.