Facebook script serving X-notifier 4.x for Firefox

I adapted the Facebook script for X-notifier vs 4.

It needs to get included (no external/custom scripts for the vs 4 WebExtensions add-on) and will be available when tobwithu agrees to include it. Otherwise I need to create a separate X-notifier 4.x that must get recreated every time tobwithu updates his tree.

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Thanks for include Facebook!

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I got confused in my enthusiasm, CFB.
The Facebook script is not for ewwink's X-Notifier-Reloaded. That is vs 3.
I corrected my post.

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Do you have Facebook.js for version 4? So I can update Facebook scripts in Chrome or Safari?

Right now it only works ONE Facebook, but it will NOT works FOUR Facebook.

As far as I know (and Tobwithu may have said), you can only check one FB in Chrome version.
The Firefox 3.x version  has always had the most flexibility... but I've been using Chrome (which has about 2/3 of the browser market) as it also supports the custom scripts (but not POP3/IMAP) ...as you know.   I suppose one could add multiple scripts, like FB1, FB2, FB3. [Edit: It appears there can be only one Facebook login at a time, with Chrome, so having multiple copies of same script is not working.]
I also use MailWasher Pro (to check POP3/IMAP).  
Good combination... Chrome X-N and MailWasher.
[Note: MailWasher is available for Windows and a free app for Windows phone, Android, and iPhone/iPad.]

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I removed the parts of the script that will not get accepted by AMO (cookieManager), so it can be an included script. And RpD is right: you can have multiple facebook working, by renaming the script's filename and the name variable in the script. That way you simply have separate facebook scripts.

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FB2.js FB3.js FB4.js with inside script edit...

var name="Facebook2";
var name="Facebook3";
var name="Facebook4";


Did I make mistake?


For example... Gmail limit to 10 email address...
IF, I add Gmail2.js Gmail3.js and it will give me total 30 email address? yes-no...

not just for myself, but other XN user will appreciate your answer...

Thanks, CFBancroft

FYI: above it only works in Chrome and Safari with version XN 4 (not working in Firefox because no script support)


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The popup for adding/deleting scripts shows the different filenames.
You can only rename the file and keep the name variable the same (unedited). Then, after adding the scripts, all of them will have the same name in the dropdown. The name variable = the dropdown name. Then, adding the scripts, you have to be careful choosing the various accounts from the dropdown. You can then still use the Alias to rename your accounts in the XN icon dropdown.

I guess I was wrong... it seems Chrome will only log into one FB account at a time... so multiple duplicate scripts isn't working for me, no matter how carefully I set them up.  A secondary acct definition in X-Notifier will check email if I log out of the primary FB account and log into the secondary in a separate tab.  (And then works, checking email, even if I have edited the secondary script to change the "Facebook" title and var name statement... to Facebook2, or Facebook3, etc.)
I take back my former guesstimate... returning to a single FB account defn.

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It only supports Windows...

NOT on Mac!

Therefore I might use Thunderbird!

Thunderbird is good :)...
...although it has its quirks ;).