Will there be a version for Microsoft Edge?

I have used microsoft edge under test.

And definitely the thing that holds me back from Chrome is the absence of X-notofier ...


The extensions that I use most are already available on Edge ...

Tampermonkey, Adguard, Save to Pocket, GetThenAll


Only my beloved X-Notifier is missing

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Why do you need Microsoft browser? it's has been dead for years. The other alternatives are always better.

Historically, the developer has chosen not to program for Internet Explorer as the programming environment is much more complex.  Since it's likely that Edge is also based on similar programming, I'd guesstimate it's unlikely you'll see a version of X-Notifier for Edge.

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The remark that puzzles me is this one:
"And definitely the thing that holds me back from Chrome is the absence of X-notofier ..."

Since when is X-notifier absent in Google Chrome?
Apparently in mcgragor's world...?

I got the impression that perhaps the poster is using English as a Second Language. ;) or... something.
I figured since the post is about liking Edge that he means he is holding back (from Edge) using Chrome, because of the lack of X-Notifier (in Edge).
Anyway... I gave my guesstimation for the question regardless.

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Ah, that must be it.

Sorry mcgragor, I got it now ;-)

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Sorry for my English, i use google translate.. =(
I improved my English a bit with courses, XP

What I wanted to say was that I really liked Edge and it exceeded my expectations ...
I would definitely migrate to it, but the only thing that still holds me back in Chrome is x-notifier, as it has not yet been released to Edge, and apparently the Devs have no interest in it ...