Yahoo works again with X-notifier 4.1

Yahoo script is fixed in X-notifier 4.1.

If it still does not work, check if yahoo requests 2-step verification during login in your browser.

Once you finish this, it will work.

I will note that after Chrome auto-updated to X-Notifier 4.1 ...all my 'custom' script accounts became "undefined" in the drop-down account list when clicking the X-Notifier envelope icon.
And in X-Notifier, Options... all the custom scripts were missing from the Scripts button list.
However... I was able to RE-ADD my saved custom scripts via the Scripts and Add buttons... and my accounts re-appeared, instead of 'undefined', in the accounts drop-down list from clicking X-Notifier envelope icon.

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Thank you for the report.

It is fixed in 4.1.3.

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firefox still shows latest 4.03

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X-notiifier 4.1.3 is in review process.

It will be get public soon.

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ok thanks for the update

Hope it works this time for us .

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Great news! Waiting for AMO to approve Firefox extension, thanks!

From where can I download v. 4.1.3? I understand that it is in review process but if it is available somewhere, I'm willing to take the risk...

The standard update method is either going to FF Tools, Addons... scroll to X-Notifier, click "More", scroll down and click the link to 'Check for updates'... OR, to check ALL addons for updates, click the 'gear' button, and click 'Check for updates'... OR, go to and search for: x-notifier  (currently, version 4.0.3)  ...other than that, perhaps you could email the developer (which, I think, is unlikely to get you a download... is the standard method for distribution).
There is no 'beta'.

Okay, I see.  Since you installed v. 4.1 on Google Chrome, I thought that maybe it was available for Firefox somewhere, too.

It just has to go through Mozilla approval, and that takes several days, more or less.
Keep watch.

Ok, thanks.  Does anybody know if 4.1.3 will support Gmail?  I see some talk about an X-Notifier "Neo"...

Gmail is sort of a 'core' email provider and X-Notifier has supported it, probably, since the earliest versions.  My version 4.0.3 for Firefox works fine for my three gmail accounts (no 2-step used).
Note that versions 4.x for Firefox no longer support the adding of custom scripts by users... scripts must be embedded in the program by the developer. You get what's included in the program.

X-Notifier Neo does not require that you define accounts.  With the more limited number of email providers that it supports (gmail, hotmail/outlook/etc, yahoo, AOL...), it detects your web login to those email providers and configures itself.  Sometimes it takes persistence to get logged in such that Neo can detect it properly... works fine for me ...however, Neo supports multiple gmail logins; other providers for which you have multiple accounts, you can only access one at a time (depending on which account you're logged into).
iCloud was supported, but Apple now requires an application password and I haven't complied with that, so I don't know how it works or not.