Can't install version 4.0.3 -corrupt-


I'm using 3.5.23 version (no Yahoo accounst check anymore), When trying to update the add on manually (downloaded from the website) it says: "This Add on could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt".

Should I stay on 3.5.xx version or update to 4.xx version. Actually have 4 yahoo email accounts, 1 Hotmail, 1

Any help or idea is welcome


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[Ah, I see CFBancroft beat me to reply ;)]
Seems like you got a bad download of 4.0.3.
Before upgrading to 4.0.3, you need to Export your accounts from X-Notifier, Options... and 4.0.3 does not support users adding custom scripts, so your LaPoste account may not Import. If necessary, you could try re-installing 3.5.23 (and perhaps recover your accounts). If not necessary...

For 3.5.23 (which has a limited lifespan... only through to FF 56) can have a look at my summary post for Gmail and Yahoo fixes...

Chrome version of X-Notifier 4.x still supports custom scripts.


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Yes, that is the right file.
I don't know what CFB suggests. That it turns into 4.0.2? I downloaded it and had a look. It does not have a version stamp in it's properties.
The Home Safari link is
The PHP serverside script reads the xml file I showed to read the download URL from the key array element (I guess).

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Thanks again.
I deleted my blithering semi-rant.
I was not sure what the tangent was about, I was thinking Firefox... (?)'s a Firefox post... but I mentioned Chrome, so Ohhhh!.  (I added a mention for Safari.)
Everybody's 4.0.3 now... although Firefox is the victim.
CFB:  I think whatever download was wrong... is fixed now, but I linked Safari.

We now return FormatC to our regular programming ;) (old TV blurb)

Big smile...

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You are a trooper!

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Perhaps the version was temporarily or seemingly wrong one time, eather caused by faulty URL or by faulty CFBundleShortVersionString key array value in the xml file.

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Thanks for all your responses. Firefox is giving a lot of headaches with their nonsense changes and fixes, this addon always worked fine in Firefox, now something will work other wont.

I'm going to think how to cope with this.