Missing Accounts

I am new here and hope someone can help me out.  I read some posts here about version 4.0.3, mainly the method of importing your accounts.

My problem is that I was on version 3.5.23 and I had the following accounts

Gmail, Hotmail, GMX and Zoho

I followed the instructions on exporting, then insall version 4.0.3 and then importing, but my GMX and Zoho accounts did not

I believe I followed the instructions correctly but may be I missed something or may be version 4.0.3 will not allow GMX or Zoho.  I understand the dev has a lot on their plate, but if anyone else can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately, due to the application programing changes by Mozilla, X-Notifier 4.0.3 for Firefox does not support 'custom scripts' (which are needed for GMX and Zoho)  ...X-Notifier 4.0.3 for Firefox only supports the email providers that come embedded in the program (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Daum, Naver, Nate, RSS feeds, and the XN-forum and (XN) Scripts (update checker).

It appears we can continue to use the 3.x.x version of X-Notifier until Firefox 57 comes out... (and then, perhaps for another year, with the ESR version of FF 56).
ESR = Extended Support Release ...for business, organizations, groups  ...if you can get it.
So, if you wish, you might uninstall 4.0.3 and reinstall 3.5.23 and import your old 3.x export if you still have it.  
There is also a newer script for Gmail, working for some, see...
(Step 5, you can right-click the link and Save As... and enter:  gmail.js  ...for the filename... then you won't have to rename it.)


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There is no difference between custom versus embedded scripts from the point of X-notifier view / functionality apart from specifying the script name and version date for the custom script. Any custom script can be embedded. The decision to keep a script as custom / external to the installation package is of another nature. Maintenance of external scripts for version 3 can be independant of X-notifier version 3 package update. My expectation / hope is admin will decide or (probably) already intends to include certain mainstream custom scripts to the install package of version 4. Problem is this will make the package more update prone.

Thanks you both for your replies.  I am hesitant to use version 3.5.23 because of some issues I saw.  One was when I uninstalled 3.5.23 so that I can install 4.0.3, the uninstall changed my prefered website home page and told Firefox to use the default download area; which for me I had set to desktop.  I also had issues with websites, logging off and some other strange behaviors.  The only difference was that I unistalled one version.  Now with version 4.0.3 all these problems have gone away.

But in the meantime that's a downer for GMX and Zoho.  I'll figure something else out, but at least I can see my hotmail and gmail.  Thank you to both for responding.

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I've never, ever had changes such as you describe by the installation or uninstallation of X-Notifier, any version.  I might suggest you try try again. Usually you do not have to uninstall an old version... just install the new over top of the existing version. However, in the case of upgrading from 3.x to 4.x, you need to export your accounts before you update, then import them after... usually this was not the case, but the switching of the platform for the application programming interface caused great change.

I had a thought that the developer could embed other scripts, but... he seems busier than ever before in real life, or... he may be waiting for Mozilla to obsolete the old API entirely to avoid maintaining two forks of the application. Whatever the situation is... the wait for updates seems longer now.  What may be included in the future, if anything is uncertain and indefinite.

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Firefox with 4.0.3 NO custom script!
Macintosh Safari with 4.0.3 (download from Developer only) has a custom script!
Chrome with 4.0.3 (direct Google Chrome) has a custom script!
Might you need use two web browser to run? one for GMX and Zoho with Safari and Chrome and while others stay with Firefox?
Just give you some thoughts.



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It's interesting that yahoo (one account) work in neo version. On x-notifira I have 5 accounts til today one worked, now all 5 are ''dead''.

And why on the neo I can use only 10 gmail account? That was on x-notifire till I strating use gmail script from Jeron. By the way, thanks to everyone who is making a huge effort to make this great addon again be the best.

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10 on each
Safari on Mac, it works fine... but do not count how many email. BUT when I click it will open Gmail.

I am sure other software, but I have NOT tested myself.