Gmail notifier makes X-notifier NEO Work! (Use them together)

I belove I accenditally stumbled upon a solution for x-notifier not working suddenly with chrome.

First I tried X-notifier NEO after my trusty x-notifier origina crispy flacvor stopped working. 
It would not work. (I run Chrome, windows 7 ultimate) 

So I gave up on that and I added "Notifier for Gmail 0.7.4"  in an attempt to get my multiple mailboxes in order, but it functioned poorly. Notifier for gmail can be found here:

I gave up on that too, but I had forgotten to un-install x-notifier NEO, and whe I went back to NEO it STARTED WORKING PERFECTLY.

So, My theory is that some function in  "Notifier for Gmail 0.7.4"  works well WITH xnotifier neo, and now I have all my mailboxes back in order. 
Please some of you give it a try and let me know how or if it works for you?

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I notice that 'underline' in tab title problem with XN 3.5.23(24).

I think it needs to RE-write new code for scripts? (to solve regard to underline in tab title.)

I click one of any gmail account, it will open THE main Gmail account. I did play/fool around with underline tab still same result ... unless I log out Gmail and enter other Gmail account, and stay there.

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It seem work fine on my part. What I did...
Open the main Gmail with [X] Default.
My Account=> Add account=> Google.. Choose an account (or click Use another account)
Enter your password (if you see "Your password was changed 25 days ago", please type new password and see "key icon" click and scroll down and 'Save This Password'. BEFORE click "NEXT")

Quit Safari and click Safari and look at X-notifier ' if ' act it up... (Repeat up to 10 Gmail Account)

Click Window => Minimize (to keep it active all Gmail account.)

Click File => New Window and enjoy your website...

IF IF you click "Sign out" (Please do it all over again "Repeat up to 10 Gmail Account" see above)

Sorry for all hassle but I hope you will find and enjoy it. until Tobwithu find a way to update Gmail Script!

Again thanks for your loyal user X-notifier.

As of today July 7, 2017 work great 4.0.3 with Safari as explain above,
but not in 3.5.23(4) Firefox... it open only "default account"

Yahoo.CO.JP work great in 3.5.23(4)!,
but not in .COM with Firefox... Safari with 4.0.3 no luck on .com ... BUT
Safari with 4.0.3 you click one account, it will open.
and you choose other email and you click close right away previous and NEXT one BLACK and click that black and it open fine I have 4 you need to practice and tricky... Because will "log it out by itself" and log in other account about 15 seconds... but not this I think problem with "log it out" issue before log in other account! work great both 2.5.23(4) with Firefox, and 4.0.3 with Safari work great 2.5.23(4) with Firefox, and 4.0.3 with Safari ONLY one Account! work great 2.5.23(4) with Firefox, and 4.0.3 with Safari ONLY one Account! with Firefox and XN 4.0.3 works great, but becareful just click once and give them 15 seconds to switch account by itself.

No longer work... LinkedIn on both Firefox and Safari. It need update script?
(FYI Mac Safari with XN 4.0.3 has script user will work with Facebook,
while Firefox XN 4.0.3 do NOT have script user! That mean no Facebook, LinkedIn,
and no IMAP of course.)

I will let you know what I learn...