Xnotifier for Chrome will not support Gmail anymore.

After Google changed Gmail sign in flow, X-notifier for Chrome wont support Gmail in future. 

Is there a workararound for the new situation or is there a way to force old gmail sign-in flow ? 

Please inform us if anyone can find a workaround? 

X-Notifier for Chrome continues to work/supporting other email providers, like Hotmail/Outlook.com, Yahoo, etc.

For the "new" Gmail login, the developer has recommended using:    X-Notifier NEO    ...for Gmail (because it works off of your own login to Gmail... it doesn't script logging in by itself).

The developer has stated Google changed the Gmail login procedure and he has not found a way to program X-Notifier to accommodate the new Gmail login... and since the current scripting method will no longer work with new Gmail login procedures, Gmail support will be dropped from future versions of X-Notifier.  The developer expects to continue providing new versions of X-Notifier.  Google rolls out changes, like new login procedures, to batches of users over time... eventually we'll all login via the new procedure and Gmail access will stop working in X-Notifier via the embedded Gmail script in X-Notifier itself. It's unlikely anyone else will create a custom script for the new Gmail, if the developer himself can't do it... possible perhaps but unlikely.

The OLD versions of X-Notifier (for Firefox) support POP3 and IMAP access ...and... Gmail currently allows access via POP3 and IMAP... and current versions of Firefox can still run OLD X-Notifier.  So...

One not-so-good 'workaround' is to use POP3 or IMAP scripting to access/check your Gmail accounts... but the only X-Notifier way to do that is to use OLD versions of X-Notifier (like 3.5.23) on Firefox, Sea Monkey, or Thunderbird... (NOT Chrome, Opera, or Safari... their version of X-Notifier doesn't support POP3/IMAP). You can use the old X-Notifier 3.5.23 on Firefox, Sea Monkey, or Thunderbird and... select the POP3 or IMAP script to define your Gmail account in X-Notifier... then X-Notifier 3.5.23 on Firefox can check your Gmail accounts.

However, at some point, Firefox is planning to discontinue their API (application programming interface) that supports old addons, like version 3.5.23 of X-Notifier... so we may lose that too... then you would have to use an old version of Firefox with the old version of X-Notifier, and that would be a security risk, since old versions of Firefox would not get new security updates.  Newer versions of Firefox have a new API for addons... that's why X-Notifier 4.02 was created. When the old API is dropped, we'll have to use X-Notifier 4.x with new versions of Firefox that only have the new API.

I doubt there's any other "workaround" for Gmail accounts... other than to use X-Notifier NEO, or Google's Gmail checker or other app ... or the old version of X-Notifier and POP3/IMAP scripts until Firefox kills the old Application Programming Interface.